Easy, cheap insurance! CSV upgrades & holiday tips!

We can see our customers are enjoying a jump start to the holiday season! The orders and shipments processed through ShippingEasy have increased 5-fold in the last 10 days. Apologies […]

New Order page defaults, insurance extensions and more!

You will notice a few new options and features on ShippingEasy today. A quick rundown to keep you in the loop:   Insurance: batch! Easily add insurance to all shipments […]

A couple of things you might have missed: ship faster in time for the holiday rush!

We have launched a couple of features that many, many customers helped us design and make available to all ShippingEasy customers. Some of these have already been adopted by 80% […]

Enhanced scroll, 1 click printing (new!), USB scale, Updated reports

You will notice a few new, time-saving features today plus a few tweaks to make things better.   1 click printing LESS STEPS – same printed label. Many of you […]

Order notes, Scales, Address Type, QUICK PRINT beta!

We have a slew of new features to share. You might have noticed these sneaking in today. A quick rundown: Order Notes Okay, this one will be useful to 99% […]

UPS, FedEx: now available in ShippingEasy

UPS, FedEx: now available in ShippingEasy

We are pleased to announce 2 new integrations – enabling our customers to plug in existing UPS and FedEx accounts into ShippingEasy. 1 system, 3 carriers. Starting today, you can […]


Ship any way you want! Assign categories

Good morning! Today we launched a simple feature with manifold uses. If you ship more than 10 packages a day, it’s worth scanning the examples below to trigger thoughts on […]

Return labels sent directly to buyers and more…

More features released overnight based on your suggestions. Please keep them coming. RETURN LABEL EMAILED DIRECTLY TO YOUR CUSTOMER Now, when you create a Return shipping label, it will be […]

eBay, Label Font, Packing Slip Settings, Live chat & more!

We released some exciting new features and options today – a quick rundown below. eBay – also sell on eBay? ShippingEasy now integrates with eBay stores. So, make sure to […]