How ShippingEasy works.

Unlock the Best Rates

Access Commercial Plus Pricing—the guaranteed lowest shipping rates—regardless of size. Plus, get exclusive rate and insurance discounts.

Print Labels Fast

Print labels, manage orders, automate shipping, track shipments, and notify recipients—all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based shipping platform.

Get Repeat Business

We are the only shipping platform with additional features that earn you repeat business, increase average order value, and boost orders.

Discounted Rates

Our customers are guaranteed the lowest shipping rates regardless of size.
Get Commercial Plus Pricing, exclusive rate discounts, and insurance savings and save up to 46%.

Rate Discounts

  • Huge discounts on USPS shipping services like Priority Mail, Flat Rate, Regional Rate, Express Mail, and International Shipments
  • Commercial Plus Pricing – the lowest prices available (typically reserved for customers shipping >50K per annum)
  • Deep discounts on shipping insurance — a fraction of what you’re used to spending

Exclusive Rates

  • Flat Rate Green offers steep discounts on smaller, heavier packages
  • Exclusive special rate that prices shipments based on box size rather than weight
  • Only available on ShippingEasy—request a rate comparison for immediate feedback

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Shipping Workflow

Manage orders, automate shipping with rules, organize packing with pick lists and packing slips, track shipments, and notify recipients — in one easy-to-use platform.

All Orders - One Place

  • Integrates with all major shopping carts, platforms, and marketplaces
  • Orders download in real time from your stores
  • Filter and create custom views for your orders
  • Sort, combine, split, re-combine orders with ease
  • Upload CSVs or create one off labels anytime

Print Labels, Packing Slips, Pick Lists FAST

  • Fast browser printing for any workflow
  • Print labels, packing slips, picklists, and customs forms
  • Print using a laser printer, thermal printer, or both
  • Print labels automatically with InstantLabel

Automate Shipping

  • Automatically map carriers based on your customers’ delivery preference
  • Map specific rules to order management and label printing
  • Create rules for weight, delivery preference, package size, and more
  • Automatically add insurance to specific shipment types

Tracking & Returns

  • Automate your returns with a single click
  • Scan-based returns only trigger a charge if scanned
  • Same low rates for return labels
  • Real-time tracking information sent to your customers and stores  

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Inventory Management

Track product inventory across all channels, just-in-time reordering, automated purchase orders and end-to-end supplier management with real-time updates and 2 way sync.

Manage Your Inventory

  • Automate your inventory across all channels
  • Easily upload and manage your products, variants and packs
  • Automatically update stock levels across all selling channels
  • View and re-order low stock items
  • Gain product performance insights
  • Prevent label generation for out-of-stock items

Purchase Orders & Suppliers

  • Create, send and update purchase orders on the fly
  • Track a purchase order’s status
  • Update purchase orders as they arrive
  • Assign products to suppliers
  • Manage all your suppliers in one place
  • Easily update contacts, unit cost, payment terms, tax rate and more

Offer Bundles & Kits

  • Create both kits and bundles
  • Can be advertised as a single product across most platforms and marketplaces
  • Automatically update the individual stock levels across all your channels

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Customer Marketing

Our Customer Marketing makes it easy to quickly build relationships, generate repeat business, and dramatically increase orders.

Marketing Emails

  • Automated emails – Send marketing emails automatically as orders are processed
  • Generate product reviews – linked directly back to items in the order
  • Newsletters & promotions – Create beautifully designed email campaigns
  • Offer deals and coupons – based on total order value or items purchased
  • Win back customers – based on time since last purchase

Product Recommendations

  • Global product recommendations — select specific  products you want recommended to all customers
  • Random product recommendations — select products to be randomly included and see what performs best
  • You can recommend products on your packing slips, confirmation emails, and automated marketing emails