Features: an introduction

LOWEST USPS Rates. Ship like a fortune 500 company.

Finally, access to competitive USPS rates – in fact, the cheapest around. We offer Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing across ALL USPS products. Enjoy 9-20%+ discounts, for example: USPS Priority Mail: Medium Flat Rate box: retail $12.35, our price: $10.65 – a savings of $1.70 on a single shipment. Built in savings! All part of the service.

Order Management. Streamline and automate every step in your shipping workflow.

Every step of our process has been designed to help you save time. Filter, sort, combine, split – hover to see every last order detail imaginable. Batch like orders to apply a single selection to multiple orders. Enter orders originating outside of your online store with ease. Real time updates back to your store – including shipping details and tracking information. Managing orders just got easy.

International Shipping. Best rates. Hassle free Custom forms.

Overseas buyers can have a positive impact on revenue and order growth but many online merchants hesitate due to the perceived hassle. Not here. We auto-populate all Custom Forms with individual order details from your store + information provided in your Settings. Built in Harmonized Code search and recommendation. The best USPS rates available for international shipments. The globe just got smaller.

Advanced Reporting. Key stats and trends at a glance

Our reporting capability provides the numbers and context required to understand and evaluate your shipping investment. Overall shipping costs, trends, destinations. Postage cost breakdown by rate provider, service, package and destination. Customer order details including quantity and $$ value. Raw data, charts, graphs – go nuts or go simple. We make it easy to find the answers in the numbers. COMING Q2.

1 Click Returns. Your choice: buyer or seller pays.

Your pet hate = our pet hate. So, we simplified it. Create Return Shipping Labels at the same discounted rates (as the original shipment) with 1 click. Email the PDF to your customer for easy returns. Or, we can provide a link to extend this same 1 click option to your buyer – if you choose. You pay – or they pay. It’s all up to you. Exchanges are just as easy with Duplicate Labels created on the fly. Clap.

Ship & Save. Easy comparison. Easy selection.

So many choices, so little time. Finding the most cost efficient service, rate and package for a single shipment can be time consuming. Our Ship & Save feature ensures you are aware of and choose the cheapest, most appropriate option every time – in seconds. This simple action can save you money and educate your team on less understood options like Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes. Smart.

Customer Feedback & Reviews. Don’t take our word for it.

We pride ourselves on providing the best, easiest to use shipping software AND unparalleled service. Our team is available all day + extended hour email support. So what? That’s all meaningless unless we get it right. Our customers reassure us every day that we do.