Flat Rate Green: everyday low pricing for shipping

For packages between 2 lbs and less than 20 lbs, Flat Rate Green will likely win. Simply input dimensions and package origin/destination to calculate the Flat Rate Green price. No need to select anything, no volume commitments. If you enter package dimensions in the ShippingEasy app, we automatically give you the lowest pricing on Priority Mail items (in most cases). Bottom line – always enter dimensions to enable this pricing on every shipment.

<<---Use the calculator to determine your FRG pricing!


  • Flat Rate Green pricing is EXCLUSIVE to ShippingEasy.
  • Free USPS Postage Account account included, make a new one or keep your existing one


  • Automate shipping so you can focus on revenue
  • Use IF/THEN mapping, such as IF parcel >2lbs, THEN map to specific carrier
  • Batch orders up to 200 at a time
  • Use ConnectEasy to map printing. For example, USPS labels on one printer and FedEx labels on another


  • Integrate your eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart Marketplace stores + many more
  • Filter by Store to see how successful each marketplace is
  • Auto-generated customs forms for sellers on international marketplaces
  • Use the carriers you know and trust: USPS, FedEx, and UPS