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About Us

In our opinion, ShippingEasy is an exceptional place to work in Austin. Our team is engaged and empowered to make decisions and get stuff done. We don’t sit around in endless meetings but rather make a plan and execute it – well! We attract highly accountable people that want to fast track their career. ShippingEasy moves at an impressive clip and carves a path for team members to learn, grow and excel in a role and then advance to the next one.

We look for like-minded people:

  • Doers – people that put outcomes before process (but understand the process is an important part of executing well)
  • Problem solvers – people that enjoy solving problems and building things
  • Achievers – people that like to WIN! And finish each day with a stack of things accomplished
  • Thinkers – people that take the time to think before they speak, think before they do and just curious folks in general
  • Players – people that enjoy a laugh, a crock pot war, a toast, a game of ping-pong – fun is an important part of our culture

People often ask us “where do you work?” or “what is that company”?  That’s an easy one because we have lots of people helping us to tell that story – see below. From our perspective, it’s a company led by start-up people that like solving problems and building things. The leadership team is super transparent and engage every last employee in the strategy, objectives, targets – and results. You’ll learn as much about building a business as you will about your specific role or craft. Every Friday you’ll join our 10 minute stand up where you’ll hear what’s new, what’s working, where we could use your help and more. Then, on a monthly basis, you’ll participate in a Business Update where you’ll get to see the numbers and progress at work. You’ll genuinely feel part of this company! In our world that over-used phrase “the most important assets ride the elevator down at 5 o’clock” isn’t a throw-away line – we believe it from the top down.

Other People Helping to tell our Story:

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Our Team

We could talk forever about the kick ass team we’ve assembled – but we figure you’d rather hear it straight from team members.

Get to know ShippingEasy team members

What our people have in common is enthusiasm for winning and a commitment to their craft. A group of folks that care about doing a good job and then being recognized for it. They are!


Our Environment & Culture

Well, it starts with the right folks – but we also think natural light, white space and a decluttered office is vital. We put a premium on positive energy and a place where we can all relax and feel comfortable. In December, we moved to a brand new office space on the top floor in the Spiceworks Building (San Clemente building in the tech corridor – corner of 360 and Westlake Drive). Today, our office layout allows peace for our product and engineers—–and basketball, ping pong and “way too loud” music for the sales team:

Sales space:

Engineering & Product Space

Our culture is best described as open, positive with complete transparency on business performance. You’ll no doubt feel part of something. There is plenty of encouragement, celebration and downright respect for what individuals can do when they feel part of a team with a worthy vision.  Our people and their commitment to winning carved an enviable position in the eCommerce industry. We’re not done! We need more great people to move us from a point solution (shipping) to a platform (solving more pain points for online sellers). If you see a role that suits you and this sounds like a place you’ll be successful – join us.

Oh, and we play to win!

In 2016, ShippingEasy was selected as a finalist for Austin Inno’s 2016 Austin Fest Coolest Companies Competition and won the Austin Inno’s 2016 50 on Fire Award. So, there’s that.

Our Perks

In reality, working at a company where you’ll feel valued, build lifelong friendships and be recognized for a job well done is our starting point. If you ask around, you’ll quickly learn this isn’t necessarily the norm. Someone at the top needs to value these basic things – and we do. In addition, you need to be paid what you are worth! We get that.  In addition, you need a little comfort around your health. We get that too. Here’s some of the basic things that will come as part of your package at ShippingEasy:

  • The opportunity to help build a company from the ground up
  • Open plan office where the leaders slow down to teach, mentor and make sure we build something special
  • Comprehensive health care plan
  • Weekly happy hour with plenty of prizes
  • Snacks, drinks and an all-round upbeat environment – oh, and fancy coffee!