How To Ship: An Easy Guide to Shipping Your Products

Whether you’re starting a small ecommerce business or a seasoned professional looking for tips to help improve your shipping process, this ebook has something for you. We’ve compiled all of our shipping expertise to create the ultimate shipping guide, so you ship every package to its destination safely, quickly, and affordably.

We’ll guide you through everything from setting up your shipping workflow to creating the return policy on your store’s website. Are you looking to expand your business’s products? We’re covering all of the information you need to know on shipping products from ice cream to makeup, including carrier restrictions, carrier guidelines, and the supplies to keep on hand. If you’re shipping for the first time or the hundredth, the How To Ship ebook will be your new go-to guide.

Download the How to Ship Guide for tips on:

  • Deciding which packaging and carrier options are best for first-time shippers
  • International shipping documentation and international carrier service options
  • Shipping specialty products like perishable food items, fragile products, and plants
  • Updating your shipping process to better align with your small business needs

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