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The Definitive Guide to eCommerce Shipping

How to set up shipping operations for success

Shipping is fundamental to the success of eCommerce businesses of all sizes, from single-channel stores to multi-store, multi-warehouse, international operations, and everywhere in between. Wherever your online retail business falls in that spectrum, shipping provides you with an important direct, physical connection to customers, making it foundational to creating a great experience.
We know you want to do it right, so we’ve created this shipping guide to help you understand and optimize all aspects of your shipping operations, including:

  • Shipping’s importance to your customers’ experiences: learn what today’s eCommerce customers expect, and the business case for optimizing your shipping processes to meet and exceed those expectations
  • The shipping ecosystem: understand how shipping processes and solutions integrate with selling, accounting, and other processes—plus see examples of some common shipping process flows you can use as a baseline to evaluate your own shipping operations
  • The physical environment: consider how your picking, packing, and fulfillment processes and tools need to align with and support your selling and shipping platforms
  • Shipping service providers and technologies: examine the various software and service solutions you need in order to optimize your shipping operations, and get specific guidance on what capabilities to look for in each
  • Bring it all together: discover how shipping integrates with inventory management and customer management to holistically grow your business

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Definitive Guide to eCommerce Shipping

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction 1
  • Importance of shipping in eCommerce 2
  • Shipping ecosystem & capabilities to consider: 4
  • Single vs multiple stores 6
  • International Shipping 7
  • Delivery speed and service levels 8
  • Shipping pricing 9
  • Delivery flexibility 10
  • Returns 11
  • Data integration 12
  • Inventory Management 13
  • Carrier selection 14
  • Fulfillment locations 15
  • Pick lists, packing slips & shipping labels 16
  • Picking & packing process 17
  • Customer Management 18
  • Analytics and reporting 19
  • Shipping processes: 21
  • Step 1: order aggregation and order management 22
  • Step 2: order fulfillment, carrier selection 23
  • Step 3: shipment of orders 24
  • Shipping process: flowcharts 26
  • Systems & services 32
  • Saas vs on-premises software 33
  • Selling platforms 35
  • Shipping platforms 36
  • Peripherals 42
  • Printers 42
  • Scales 45
  • Bar code scanners 46
  • Shipping Supplies 47
  • Shipping solutions: evaluation and selection 48