USPS Priority Mail Calculator 2024

Find the shipping rate for USPS Priority Mail Service - 2024 Rates

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About the USPS Priority Mail Shipping Rate Calculator

Priority Mail is the United States Postal Service’s 1-3 day shipping for sending packages and parcels across the country. Shipping rate is determined by package weight, shipping distance (determines the shipping Zones), and the rate tier (Retail, Online Rate, and ShippingEasy Rate).

Postal Office (Retail) is the price you will get if you purchase the label for your Priority Mail shipment at a physical USPS Retail location.

Commercial Rates is a special pricing tier for online sellers with high shipping volume that have negotiated rates with the United States Postal Service OR sign up for any of ShippingEasy’s Paid Plans (Basic-Enterprise). You can view a chart of all Commercial Rates or use the calculator above for Commercial Priority Mail shipments.

Using the Priority Mail Calculator

To use the calculator, simply:

  • Enter your package’s weight
  • Enter origin ZIP Code and destination ZIP Code OR select a Zone if you already know it
  • Press Calculate Rate

When determining rates based on weight, if the package weighs under half a pound it will always round up to .5 pounds. After the first half-pound (8 ounces), Priority Mail rounds up any weight of a package to the nearest pound. So if your package is 2 lbs. and 8 oz. (2.5 pounds) it will round up to 3lbs.

Try different Zones and package weights to see all of the available rates for Priority Mail.

About USPS Priority Mail Service

USPS Priority Mail is the United States Postal Service's main service for shipping packages and parcels. There are many variations of Priority Mail, including Priority Mail Flat Rate, Priority Mail Regional Rate, Priority Mail Express, international Priority Mail services, and more. This calculator will provide rates for standard Priority Mail packages within the United States.

Packaging for Priority Mail: You may use your own packaging for USPS Priority Mail, or use boxes provided by the Postal Service for free either ordered online or at your local retail post office. If you decide to use your own packaging, the combined length and girth (thickest part of the package) is no more than a total of 108".

Benefits of using Priority Mail

• Priority Mail and other USPS services qualify for free package pickup at your home and office.

• USPS Tracking is included on every Priority Mail package.

• Delivery is 1-3 days, usually arriving sooner if the package doesn't have to travel as far.

• Includes insurance with most packages (restrictions apply)

• No surcharges for fuel or residential, rural, or Saturday delivery.

• Flat Rate, Regional Rate, and Prepaid Pricing are all available.