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Why serious online sellers choose shippingeasy
Rob Zaleski, Apr 30, 2019

We could tell you that ShippingEasy saves our customers time and money every day. But then again, that’s what everyone says, so why do serious online sellers choose ShippingEasy as […]

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Rob Zaleski, Aug 15, 2019

ShippingEasy is constantly working to make our products more competitive based on feedback from customers and their needs. Today, we’re happy to introduce a new pricing plan update for Customer […]

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Rob Zaleski, Aug 8, 2019

The back-to-school season is set to break records again this year. Shoppers, from younger kids to college students, from parents to teachers, are ready to spend. This year, the NRF […]

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Rob Zaleski, Jul 30, 2019

Online sellers need to find every way they can to cut costs and reduce overhead. This is particularly true for Amazon sellers. Every single seller we talk to here is […]

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Rob Zaleski, Jul 18, 2019

Email is a powerful tool for moving your customers through the e-commerce customer lifecycle. Every step of their journey can be supported by a note offering them something they may […]

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Jack Ship, Jul 10, 2019

The Amazon Marketing Landscape The opportunity for Amazon sellers to optimize their platform presence is immense, critical for growth, and only increasing from here. Hundreds of millions of consumers trust […]

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Rob Zaleski, Jun 28, 2019

Have you heard rumblings in Amazon forums about Amazon Brand Analytics? Wondering what it’s all about and if it could help you sell more on the platform? ShippingEasy is all […]

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Rob Zaleski, Jun 27, 2019

When you sell on Amazon, you know it’s not only about the short-term sales. You’re looking at the long game, figuring out how to get and keep customers, compete with […]

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Rob Zaleski, Jun 19, 2019

By now you’ve likely heard every stat on the web about how important reviews are to e-commerce. Customers trust them (72% of customers don’t take action until they have read […]

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Rob Zaleski, Jun 17, 2019

We’re continuing to dissect the upcoming 2019 USPS shipping rates changes. If you haven’t seen our summary of all upcoming USPS shipping rates changes, check that out here. We’ve also […]

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Rob Zaleski, Jun 13, 2019

While most of the 2019 changes to shipping rates took place back in January, there were a couple of changes the USPS delayed until June. One of those changes is […]

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