UPS® Ground Saver: A Cost-Efficient Solution for Your Lightweight Shipping

By Maria Fagerland
Aug 15, 2023

Small and medium-sized businesses that primarily ship lightweight packages can sometimes be stuck with the same rates as larger shippers. UPS® Ground Saver is a cost-efficient shipping solution specifically designed for these lightweight shipments, giving ShippingEasy customers even more ways to stay competitive.

What is UPS® Ground Saver?

UPS® Ground Saver utilizes the UPS® Ground network’s existing infrastructure to offer a more affordable shipping option for businesses that have lightweight, non-urgent shipments. This is a great option for SMBs that ship regularly and need to control their shipping expenses. Overall, UPS® Ground Saver is a convenient and reliable way for companies to ship their lightweight packages while reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

What are the advantages of UPS® Ground Saver?

One of the most significant advantages of this service is its economy rate for residential, lightweight shipments. Unlike traditional shipping methods, UPS® Ground Saver allows you to pay only for what you ship, with no minimum volume commitments required. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of discounted rates without having to meet a specific threshold.

In addition to flexible pricing, UPS® Ground Saver offers reliable transit times. The service is available to businesses within the 48 contiguous states of the US, with full-visibility tracking that lets you track your shipments from pickup to delivery.

Another advantage of UPS® Ground Saver is that it offers delivery days tailored to your business needs. You can choose the delivery days that work best for you, making it easier to plan your inventory and manage your shipments. All in all, UPS® Ground Saver is an excellent option for businesses looking for a cost-effective shipping solution without compromising on service quality and reliability.

When should I use UPS® Ground Saver?

Industries that benefit the most from UPS® Ground Saver are those that regularly ship lightweight items such as apparel, personal care products, and electronics accessories such as cell phone cases. Small and medium-sized businesses that need to control costs without sacrificing service levels will find UPS® Ground Saver highly beneficial. 

UPS® Ground Saver is an ideal choice for businesses that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. To ensure maximum savings and efficiency, it is recommended that you group small items into one shipment whenever possible. By consolidating packages, you can reduce costs and minimize the impact on the environment.

UPS® Ground Saver is designed to offer a premium shipping experience at an economy rate for residential, lightweight shipments. UPS® Ground Saver can be used for lightweight shipments weighing up to 70 pounds. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to cut costs.

How Do I Use UPS® Ground Saver?

Using UPS® Ground Saver is easy! The first step is to ensure that you are a current ShippingEasy customer. Once you have confirmed that, you can log in to your account and select the UPS® Ground Saver option when creating a shipment. The option will only be available if your shipment qualifies for the service.

After selecting the UPS® Ground Saver option, simply fill out the necessary shipment information, print your label, and attach it to your package. Your package can then be dropped off at any UPS® drop-off location, or you can schedule a pick-up for an additional fee.

For more detailed instructions and information on using UPS® Ground Saver, check out our help center article. With this cost-efficient solution for lightweight shipping, you can save time and money on your SMB’s shipping needs.

Start saving with UPS® Ground Saver today!

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