Success package for Shopify

ShippingEasy has everything you need to succeed on Shopify. Industry-best shipping rates and extensive workflow support. Real-time order management across all channels. Automated and one-time promotional emails, including Abandoned Cart, to keep your business thriving. All in one place.

Increase sales by $2,399/mo. on average!

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Shopify Seller Suite by ShippingEasy

More than just a Shopify shipping app. We solve for order management, shipping and rate management, plus automated (including abandoned cart, product reviews, product recommendations, and more) and one-time promotional emails campaigns.

Email promotions to your customers

Automatically trigger automated emails based on parameters set by you. Manage and segment your customer list right in ShippingEasy.

  • Abandoned Cart follow-up
  • Product reviews and recommendations
  • Fully customizable email templates
  • Automatic triggers based on your preferences
  • Email automation powerful enough for customers, yet easy enough for everyone in the organization to use and adopt
  • Easy customer segmentation based on total order, items ordered, amount spent, time since last purchase, and so much more

Abandoned cart emails: Reclaim lost business

Automated emails sent at the optimal time to convert customers who abandon items in their shopping cart.

  • Link directly back to cart to streamline the conversion process
  • List and show items left in cart to trigger product recall
  • Feature product recommendations to encourage relevant add-ons
  • Reporting: segment your customer list based on abandoned cart status for further promotion and follow-up campaigns

Best rates for Shopify store owners

ShippingEasy has the guaranteed lowest shipping rates for Shopify store owners, including exclusive rates on smaller, heavier packages.

  • Commercial Rates—the best rates available for USPS shipping
  • Discounted UPS shipping rates up to 76%
  • ShippingEasy exclusive Flat Rate Green shipping rates save even more
  • Ship USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Global

Automate your Shopify shipping

Our online software makes it easy to print labels, process orders, and automate tracking.

  • Manage orders and print labels
  • Automate shipping with shipping rules
  • Easy tracking and returns
  • Multi-channel software means your orders import no matter where else you sell
  • Hands-free label printing available with
  • Enterprise-level automation that streamlines processes to make shipping easy, even for customers

Hear from a real Shopify store owner,
Mason Bottle!

“ShippingEasy simplified setting up shipping accounts with USPS, and integrated so well with Shopify and Amazon. We saved so much time and money from the beginning that I wouldn’t recommend waiting to implement the service until the business experiences shipping as a pain point.”

– Laura Belmar, owner, Mason Bottle

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