Case Study: How Streamlined Inventory Led to Growth

How Mason Bottle saved thousands of dollars, introduced a new product line,
and grew their business through better inventory management.

Before Inventory Management

inventory management case study

Mason Bottle owner Laura Belmar had a dilemma. As an Amazon seller and owner of two Shopify stores, one for retail and one for wholesale, she was in need of a solution that could help her keep the numbers straight and organize her SKUs. Her search for inventory management solutions that worked with Shopify only yielded options that didn’t fit her business needs or budget.

Laura was a ShippingEasy customer from the outset, finding it to be a great solution for all her shipping needs, saving her time and money. When ShippingEasy introduced a cost-effective Inventory Management solution, it not only filled the gap but also helped grow her business.

After implementing Inventory Management, Laura was able to add new product lines, create a self-sustaining business, and overhaul her purchase order system in a way that freed up cash for her to invest in digital marketing tactics.

How it all came together

Using ShippingEasy's Inventory Management solution yielded tangible results for Mason Bottle.

Time savings were just the beginning

Mason Bottle owner Laura Belmar saw an immediate time savings with ShippingEasy. Customer service, product returns, and customer data management all took vastly less time to handle, allowing her time to focus on growing the business. That time savings allowed Laura to focus on how to diversify her approaches to growing her business, from new products to marketing.

“ShippingEasy can help e-commerce companies spend their time more efficiently so that they can focus less on logistics and more on generating sales.”

Time savings = business growth

By streamlining all of her inventory processes, purchase orders, and supplier management, Laura was able to work with a U.S. manufacturer for Mason Bottle's products. This gave her, and in turn her customers, peace of mind in terms of quality. The shorter turnaround time meant she could effectively place smaller POs and manage cash flow for growth.

"Instead of investing a huge amount in inventory and waiting months for it to arrive, we essentially have no cash tied up in inventory at all. Many months we are able to sell the bulk of our monthly PO before we even have to pay for it."

Reinvesting back into the business

ShippingEasy's Inventory Management allowed Laura to adjust on the fly and place increasingly accurate orders. She was able to adjust next month's PO based on actual sales trends. Since she wasn't tying up money in wasted inventory and large purchase orders, she could reinvest money in growing her business.

"This PO system, made possible by ShippingEasy, has freed up cash for us to invest in Facebook and Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Google Adwords and Amazon Sponsored product ads. And the ROI from our digital marketing efforts is what drives our growth as an e-commerce company."

Real business growth

Within one year of adding ShippingEasy's Inventory Management, Mason Bottle was able to add a new line of products to their offerings. During the time spent growing their business, they can focus on ways to develop products that continue through the lifecycle of their target demographic.

"I realized that I spent far too much time on logistics, customer care, inventory management, etc. and not enough time doing the things that actually drive sales, like marketing funnels and email automation. ShippingEasy can help e-commerce companies spend their time more efficiently so that they can focus less on logistics and more on generating sales."

Stellar Results

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