USPS 2024 Shipping and Service Changes

By Maria Fagerland
Jan 16, 2024

Welcome to our United States Postal Service Updates blog, your guide to the changing postal scene. Here, we’ll share the latest news and rate updates from the USPS. Dive in as we break down the 2024 updates.

January 2024 Highlights

Effective January 21st, the USPS is rolling out changes to shipping rates, impacting various services and package categories. ShippingEasy remains committed to delivering top-notch service to its customers and is happy to announce that, through our partnership with USPS, customers can now enjoy enhanced discounts on Priority Mail® and Ground Advantage Rates™ compared to Commercial Plus rates.

Ground Advantage™ Changes

  • Ground Advantage™ under 1 pound: Now up to 6.6% off
  • Ground Advantage™ over 1 pound: Enjoy up to 25.1% off
  • Ground Advantage™ Cubic: Score up to 21.2% off

A quick reminder: Ground Advantage™, introduced in July 2023, combines USPS Retail Ground, USPS Parcel Select Ground, and USPS First Class Package Services. These changes apply to all weights, zones, and cubic dimensions over 12 ounces.

Priority Mail® Changes

  • Priority Mail® 6-10 pounds: Up to 12% off
  • Priority Mail® Flat Rate: Now up to 2.5% off
  • Priority Mail® Cubic: Enjoy up to 15.8% off

Please note: exact rates will vary depending on the package details and how far it’s traveling. As always, we recommend comparing rates and services to find the best option for your business. 

USPS Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Label Upgrade

Beyond shipping rates, be aware of significant changes to HAZMAT labels starting January 21st. Safety measures are enhanced, featuring an oversized letter “H,” 2D barcodes, and “HAZMAT” after “USPS TRACKING #.” Select hazardous goods under special services when printing a label for shipments containing hazardous materials.

Make Shipping Easy

Despite changes, ShippingEasy continues to offer substantial savings on shipping costs, with discounts of up to 89% through our partnership with USPS and other carriers. Our goal is to streamline your shipping operations, providing discounted rates for a seamless sending process.

Stay informed about the evolving shipping landscape, make data-driven decisions, and confidently navigate the 2024 USPS shipping rate adjustments with ShippingEasy. For additional rate case information please check out our help center article.

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