From Coffee to Clothing: ShippingEasy’s How to Ship Guide

By Baillee Perkins
May 16, 2023
Presenting ShippingEasy's How to Ship guide!

Regardless of business size, How to Ship: An Easy Guide to Shipping Your Products can improve your shipping process and expand your shipping horizons. This How To Ship guide has everything from finding the best shipping workflow for your business to optimizing your ShippingEasy account. If you’ve ever thought about adding to your product selection, we’ve covered the shipping logistics for everything from ice cream to toiletries. Our guide has something for every merchant, and we’re giving you a little teaser to prove it. 

Download the How to Ship Guide.

What will you learn in the How to Ship guide?

Great question! We’ve poured our years of shipping expertise info into the How To Ship guide. So, you can learn everything from the best carrier service to ship coffee to why you should include a piece of white bread with your cookies. The snippets below are only a tiny sampling of the products we’ll cover within the guide, but we wanted to give you an idea of what you can look forward to learning about. 

How to Ship Coffee ☕

Shipping coffee might brew up some feelings of anxiety, but all it takes is knowing how best to package and ship your products. Find out how ShippingEasy’s rate calculator will help you compare shipping rates in real-time to find the best carrier service and how degassing bags keep coffee fresh in transit. 

How to Ship Baked Goods 🍪

There’s nothing better than receiving your favorite cookies or pies in the mail. While baked goods aren’t quickly perishable, you still want them to arrive in one, delicious piece. Discover some surprising ways (including the white bread we mentioned earlier) you can keep baked goods fresh, available USPS services, and how ShippingEasy sweetens your shipping.  

How to Ship Plants 🪴

Shipping plants is all rooted in knowing carrier restrictions and guidelines. What are corrugated boxes? Is your plant shippable? How should you package plants? Learn the answers to these questions and more. 

Tips for Shipping Fragile Items 🪞

No one wants to risk seven years of bad luck with a broken mirror! Fragile items require a bit more TLC with their packaging, but adding fragile items to your product catalog is doable. From candles to vases, check out tips on where to find fragile shipping supplies and keep your products intact. 

What else can I find in the How To Ship guide?

Along with shipping specialty products, the How To Ship guide provides insight into customer expectations and ways to keep your business competitive. These topics include: 

  • Crafting the perfect return policy 
  • Shipping automation with ShippingEasy
  • Weighing and measuring shipments
  • Tracking packages and communication
  • Offering free shipping for customers 


The How to Ship guide is the ultimate shipping guide you’ve been looking for! If you’re shipping for the first time or you’ve been shipping for 20 years, you’ll find valuable information. Learn how to avoid shipping adjustments, the ins and outs of specialty shipping, and much more. Click the button below to download your copy of How To Ship: An Easy Guide to Shipping Your Products.

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