The ShippingEasy SpeakEasy May Recap

By Baillee Perkins
May 26, 2023
Learn about the importance of branding in the ShippingEasy SpeakEasy recap!

How can you take your brand to the next level? In this session of our webinar series, The ShippingEasy SpeakEasy, we’ll discuss how to evolve your brand, the importance of social media, the power of small businesses, and how ShippingEasy can help. 

Evolve your brand

Think about your brand from a customer perspective. Would you shop from your brand? Would you trust your brand? Take McDonald’s for example. As the mascot-clad marketing of the 80s and 90s diminished, McDonald’s modernized their approach. Now, McDonald’s commercials are sleek and show families that mirror their audience. McDonald’s has even simplified their jingle down to a few notes. If your customer base is shifting, and you haven’t done a brand refresh recently, now’s the time to revisit and revamp your approach. As Rob Zaleski, Brand Manager for ShippingEasy said, “Branding isn’t just your logo, your branding, and your website.”

“A brand should be constantly evolving.”

– Rob Zaleski, Brand Manager for ShippingEasy 

Use social media to your advantage

This may seem simple, but it’s an effective way to build your audience. The first step is to find and follow your audience. Send out surveys to ask your customers which social media channels they most frequently use and seek out those specific platforms. Don’t be afraid to: 

  • Prompt customer reviews of products 
  • Engage with your customers on social media 
  • Ask customers if you can share their content 
  • Be bold and take creative risks on posts and campaigns

For example, ShippingEasy customer, New Wave Toys, has built their entire brand around nostalgia and uses feedback from customers to create their product line; it shows they know and trust their audience. Your customers want their voices heard. Show you care by sharing posts with your products and asking for their feedback on social media. 

“Good brands don’t just talk to or at their customers. They talk WITH their customers.”

– Rob Zaleski, Brand Manager for ShippingEasy 

Customers want to support small businesses

Our recent study showed that 81% of customers said they’re making an effort to support small businesses. The numbers are on your side, so it’s time to shine! Share your story and mission with customers. Highlight the work you do in your community and your work with nonprofits. Your customers want to support small businesses. Give them a reason to support yours. 

“It’s more about the story behind the product than it is functions and features.”

– Rob Zaleski, Brand Manager for ShippingEasy 

How ShippingEasy helps with branding

Help your brand reach its full potential with ShippingEasy features like personalized packing slips, customer marketing, and branded tracking. Packing slips are one of the last touchpoints between your business and your customers. Why not personalize them? Use the variables in our packing slip template to add a photo and message to packing slips to make your business stand out throughout the entire shopping and shipping experience. 

Additionally, ShippingEasy offers a free branded tracking feature. Branded tracking serves as an alternative to the carrier tracking page customers usually see when they click a tracking link. Branded tracking pages can include social media links, logos, and other customized fields to give your customers a more personalized tracking experience. Customers can also opt into SMS branded tracking notifications for domestic shipments. 

Last but certainly not least is our customer marketing add-on feature. Create regular and/or automated campaigns to send emails to first-time customers, repeat customers, or customers who haven’t purchased from your business recently. You can even create signup forms to share with customers, so they can receive marketing emails from your business. 


If you missed our first ShippingEasy SpeakEasy, you can watch the replay on YouTube or read the recap. Additionally, if you have ideas for future ShippingEasy SpeakEasy events, reach out to us on social media. Be sure to mark your calendars for the next sessions: 

  • Wednesday, August 30, 2023
  • Wednesday, December 13, 2023
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