Building Stronger Customer Relationships Through E-Commerce

By Baillee Perkins
May 30, 2023
Learn how to strengthen your ecommerce customer relationships with the help of our blog!

It’s 2023. While some “futuristic” films may have completely missed the mark on technological advances, they did get one thing right: we spend an extraordinary amount of time online. This also includes ordering products with a click of a button to be delivered directly to us. 

Your customers expect products to be quickly shipped and delivered, all while receiving exceptional customer service. The expectations are high, so your quality of service needs to be higher. Your customer marketing also needs to pop, so your products can get in front of a larger audience. Marketing and customer service go hand-in-hand, so it’s time to revamp your customer-facing platforms and deliver the best customer experience possible.   

1. Customer impressions don’t end at checkout

Once a customer clicks the checkout button, there are still several opportunities to connect. Our recent study found almost 43% of customers prefer daily tracking updates, and 37% of customers want to be notified of major updates. ShippingEasy merchants can enable and customize confirmation emails within their accounts*. These emails are automatically sent to customers when their order is being packaged, the label is created, and when their package has been delivered.

Additionally, the tracking links within confirmation emails can be customized through branded tracking. Branded tracking is free to ShippingEasy merchants on paid plans. And, customers can track their shipments on a page with your logo, social media channels, and more instead of a traditional carrier tracking page. These changes might seem small, but your customers will notice the effort throughout their entire interaction. 

*Note: Confirmation emails can’t be enabled for Amazon, Jane, Wish, and Reverb purchases. 

2. Get creative with your marketing

Which of the following subject lines would make you click on an email?

  • Learn more about our business 
  • Everyone has a story…including us 👀

The second subject line piques your interest, right? View marketing through your customers’ eyes. Think about what you find intriguing and interesting. Remember the last time a post on social media from a business really stuck with you. 

The ecommerce space is full of businesses, so don’t be afraid to take risks (within reason) to stand out. Our study found that 81% of customers want to support small businesses. 81%! You have customers at the ready, so it’s all about communicating effectively. Engage in social media trends that make sense for your business. Share your story and philanthropic efforts on your website to show customers exactly who you are. Get customers involved with your social media by asking if you can share posts with your products. Being innovative and original while upholding your business’s story will connect with your audience and can even boost your sales. 

For example, ShippingEasy merchant, Ashapops, posts whenever they find a new location with Ashapops in stock and thank their customers. This way, customers not only know where they can buy these tasty treats but know Ashapops values their support. 

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3. Never underestimate the power of customer service

We’ve all had a negative customer service experience, and it can ruin your day. However, when you have a wonderful customer experience, it can make your entire week. Customers not only want their voices heard but to receive positive support from your business. Start off on the right foot by regularly checking all available customer support channels. If a channel is down for maintenance, let customers know as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, some things are out of your control. A customer might already be upset when they contact your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support them. Offer upset customers promo codes and exclusive deals to win them back. Also, listen carefully to their  concerns and feedback. Like we mentioned earlier, your customers want to be valued. Treat them with the same respect as an upset friend (again, within reason). Who knows? You could really make a difference and leave them with a positive impression of your business at the same time. 

Tips for building customer relationships

  • Engage with your customers throughout the shipping process with confirmation emails. 
  • Be bold with your marketing! Create the campaigns you’d respond to as a customer. 
  • Regularly confirm all customer support channels are working and notify customers of outages. 
  • Listen to customer feedback and concerns. You could solve a problem multiple customers are having without knowing it. 
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