How to Provide Package Tracking Updates

By James Messer
Jun 24, 2021

Shipment tracking has become a standard e-commerce feature. Providing package tracking is commonplace for all online orders— not just large retailers. Our recent study found that 84% of consumers said visibility into shipment status is important when shopping with small businesses. No matter the size of your business, if you’re selling online, it is a necessity to providing package tracking for your customers. With the right solution, shipment tracking can be an easy way to build brand trust and loyalty with your customers. 

How to Send Tracking Emails Automatically 

The fulfillment and shipping process can seem overwhelming for any business. For small businesses with limited time and resources, providing tracking emails may seem like an added hassle. However, the right shipping solution can allow any business to easily automate this process and ensure customers have insight into the status of their package. 

How Tracking Emails Work 

ShippingEasy makes sending automated tracking emails quick and easy. So how does it work? Your business’ ShippingEasy account will manage all of your orders in one place—including everything from your customers’ information to carrier rates and tracking links. No need to worry about shipping confirmation and tracking emails. Instead, simply set them up to send automatically through the platform. Once you have created a label and processed an order to be shipped, ShippingEasy will automatically send your customer an email with the correct tracking information for their shipment. 

Tracking emails can also be automated and sent for drop-shipped orders that are fulfilled someplace other than your business or warehouse. 

Branded Tracking 

Package tracking emails have some of the highest open and click-through rates of any emails your business will send. Incorporating your business’s unique brand elements in these emails will ensure that this customer touchpoint not only provides value for your customer but for your business as well. ShippingEasy makes it simple for you to create branded tracking emails and pages. This heavily trafficked touchpoint should feel consistent with the rest of your e-commerce experience. Your logo, brand colors, and brand messaging can bring credibility and trust to this important part of the post-purchase experience. 

Branded tracking pages from ShippingEasy

Your branded tracking page is a great place to incorporate relevant backlinks or social media handles. This will keep your customers engaged with your business even after they’ve made their purchase. You may also choose to include a return label or return instructions on your tracking page or email for your customer’s convenience.

If you choose to use ShippingEasy’s branded tracking features, you can also offer your customers SMS tracking notifications. Everyone has different shopping preferences, so offering your customers the ability to receive tracking information via text message will help meet a greater range of customer needs in a competitive marketplace. 

Branded tracking SMS notifications from ShippingEasy

Your customers demand visibility into the status of their orders. With the consistent improvement of e-commerce, consumers expect a sophisticated customer experience from every business they patronize. With smaller teams and limited resources, it’s crucial for small businesses to optimize their shipping processes in order to keep up and deliver a competitive customer experience. A shipping solution like ShippingEasy can make package tracking a seamless, automated part of any business’ fulfillment process—large or small. 

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