USPS International Shipping Options

By Maria Fagerland
Jun 14, 2021

Imagine being able to sell your products to customers across the globe. Your small business could open itself up to an entirely new set of potential customers. You want to start making the first moves to become an international seller, and you want to start with finding the least expensive and most effective international services. You already ship domestically with USPS, and you think using their services will be the easiest way to begin the process of international shipping. But what services do they offer?

USPS Global Express Guaranteed

USPS Global Express Guaranteed offers a guaranteed delivery to over 190 countries in 1-3 business days. This service is one of the more expensive options, starting at $67.80. However, if you’re on a tight deadline, and your package has to be delivered within a few business days, Global Express Guaranteed may be the way to go. Global Express Guaranteed is also a guaranteed service, so if your package isn’t received in its delivery timeframe, you’re eligible to start the refund process with USPS support. 

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USPS Priority Mail International

USPS Priority Mail International is one of the most commonly used international shipping services. Packages will be delivered within 6-10 business days and pricing starts at $29.60 for Flat Rate Boxes and $40.45 for regular packaging, which is dependent on the weight. The maximum weights for these Flat Rate options are 70 lbs for packages and 4 lbs for envelopes. If you already use USPS Flat Rate Boxes in your shipping workflow, this might be the best option for you! 

USPS Priority Mail Express International

If you have a longer delivery window, USPS Priority Mail Express International is a great option.   Packages shipped with this service usually arrive within 3-5 business days. Pricing starts at $45.95 depending on the destination. Like USPS Global Express Guaranteed, this service is eligible for a guaranteed service refund.

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Boxes

USPS First Class Mail International

If you’re sending a letter or lightweight package abroad, USPS First Class Mail International is worth mentioning. This service applies to letters, postcards, and large envelopes up to 15.994 oz. This service begins at $1.30 for letters and postcards, and the price will vary depending on the destination. For larger packages, the price will depend on the destination as well. One of the downsides of USPS First Class Mail International is that tracking is limited, and the amount of tracking available depends on where it’s headed. 

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Based on USPS’s international offerings, you’ve decided international shipping is the right move for your business. You’ve officially taken that first step! You know you have more research to do and platforms to update, but you’re no longer worried about finding services to offer to your customers. 

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