Best Shipping Company for Small Business

By Maria Fagerland
Aug 17, 2021
best shipping company for a small business

Small business owners have to tackle a lot with a small team. The fulfillment and shipping process can often be an afterthought, but it’s important that even small teams get it right. As e-commerce becomes more integrated in our everyday lives, consumers expect quick and easy deliveries, even from small businesses. Providing a big-business shipping experience can be challenging with the resources of a smaller team, but using a shipping solution can help bring small business up to speed. Shipping solutions provide businesses with advantages like discounted shipping rates, marketplace integrations, and automation features. Learn how your small business can use these features to create a world-class shipping experience. 

Integrated Shipping 

Multichannel selling is the norm for most businesses who sell online. Wrangling orders from different marketplaces and social channels is time-consuming and cumbersome. ShippingEasy integrates with the platforms you sell on, so that all of your orders populate automatically in one hub. Removing this step gives time back to your team and eliminates some of the risk for human error by directly importing the correct customer and shipping information. 

Your business may also choose to use multiple carriers based on your product specifications and shipping needs. Sign into all of your carrier accounts directly in ShippingEasy, and easily compare rates and services within the platform. ShippingEasy makes it easy to navigate your options and organize your orders. The platform is built to be accessible and easy-to-use, so your team can start shipping quickly. 

Discounted Carrier Rates 

Affordability is essential for most e-commerce shoppers, but providing low-cost shipping options can be a challenge for small businesses. Offering competitive and affordable shipping prices is necessary for small businesses looking to compete with larger companies and grow their customer base. Using a shipping platform like ShippingEasy will give your business exclusive access to discounted carrier rates. 

ShippingEasy gives you access to discounted rates on select UPS and USPS shipping services, as well as discounted shipping insurance. You can compare the costs of these services from different carriers easily on one screen, making sure you get the lowest cost for each shipment. 


Organizing and printing labels can quickly become complex and time-consuming. After integrating all of your orders into one hub, ShippingEasy allows you to make shipping automation rules specific to your business’ unique needs. You can create automation rules based on things like package weight, package size, or delivery speed. These rules can help you create simple workflows and print labels quickly. 

Package tracking is expected by customers. ShippingEasy automatically sends customers the tracking information for their order. Features like branded tracking ensure that your company’s brand and messaging stay at the forefront of the customer journey, even post-purchase. ShippingEasy also gives users access to a simple, automated returns process that helps minimize the hassle of return orders for you and your customers.  

While ShippingEasy is a great tool for small businesses looking to improve their shipping process, it is robust enough to power bigger businesses. With various free and premium add-on features, ShippingEasy grows with you and your business needs. ShippingEasy’s top-rated customer service team is available to help you make the most of your account and start shipping faster.

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