Shipping 301: Optimizing Your ShippingEasy Account and Expanding Your Selling Channels

By Baillee Perkins
Mar 4, 2022
Learn about advanced features, other ShippingEasy plans, and omnichannel selling with the last piece in our shipping education series, Shipping 301!

This blog is part of a series! Be sure to check out Shipping 101 and Shipping 201.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the groundwork for starting your eCommerce business. Let’s dive into advanced ways to optimize your ShippingEasy account, streamline your shipping process, and expand your customer base in the final part of our Shipping 101 series. 

Table of Contents

  1. Account optimization
  2. International shipping
  3. GlobalPost and the Global Advantage Program (GAP)
  4. Advanced order actions
  5. Omnichannel selling
  6. ConnectEasy
  7. Other ShippingEasy plans

Account optimization

Your ShippingEasy account has been created, and your orders have started coming in. What are your next steps? Optimizing your ShippingEasy account with features like Shipping Presets, Order Tags, and Shipping Rules will help make your shipping process more efficient as your business grows. 

Shipping Presets

Shipping Presets are shortcuts for your most-used carrier services. These shortcuts appear on your Ready to Ship page, so you can easily select them when creating your labels. These Shipping Presets can be used within your Shipping Rules to apply presets to your shipments. 

To create your Shipping Presets, you’ll go to your Settings > Shipment Settings > Shipping Presets > New Preset. 

When your Shipping Preset has been created, it will automatically appear on your list of Shipping Presets. ShippingEasy gives users the ability to select up to 10 Shipping Presets by selecting the star icon next to each preset. 

These are the 10 Shipping Presets that will show up in your list on the Ready to Ship page. 

Order Tags

Order Tags are short pieces of text that help organize orders. If an order in your queue is from a new customer, and you would like to filter it on your Orders page, you could add the tag first-time. 

To add an Order Tag to an individual order, you’ll go to your Orders page > Click your order > Scroll down to Tags > Enter and save your tag. 

Along with Shipping Presets, Order Tags can be used in your Shipping Rules. 

Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules are made up of If/Then statements that apply to your orders. To create a new Shipping Rule, you’ll go to Settings > Shipment Settings > Shipping Rules > + Add New. 

Orders that come into your ShippingEasy account from a specific store after this rule is created will have the Shipping Preset you selected. If you would like for the pre-existing orders on your Orders page to have this preset, you can rerun your Shipping Rules. 

International shipping

Many ShippingEasy users focus on domestic shipping instead of international, so we’re only going to cover some of the basics of international shipping, including an overview of VAT, IOSS, GlobalPost, and GAP


When shipping products to customers in the United Kingdom and the European Union, a tax known as a Value Added Tax or VAT will be added to your shipment. This amount will vary because any materials used in your product that have already been taxed shouldn’t be taxed again, and VAT is determined by the cost of the product itself. For your business to pay this tax instead of your customers, you’ll need access to your Import One-Stop-Shop or IOSS number. 


Import One-Stop-Shop or IOSS numbers are given to your business directly by your marketplace of choice. Your IOSS number can be added to your ShippingEasy account, so it’ll appear from a drop-down menu on your Ready to Ship page and simplify your international shipping. 

To add your IOSS as well as any additional tax ID numbers, you’ll go to Settings > Shipment Settings > International Shipments. In the International Shipments setting, you’re able to add information for customs forms and as many tax ID numbers as you need! 

International Carrier Services

As we mentioned earlier, many ShippingEasy users focus primarily on domestic shipping. However, we’ve created a list below of some of the most commonly used international services from USPS, UPS, and FedEx, but this isn’t a full list of all the carrier services available. If your business decides to begin shipping internationally, we recommend reaching out to these carriers directly through the customer support channels we’ve provided. 

GlobalPost and the Global Advantage Program (GAP)

Carriers such as USPS sometimes have service disruptions to certain countries, meaning you aren’t able to ship to those destinations using their services. That’s where GlobalPost and the Global Advantage Program, or GAP come in! GlobalPost and GAP use processing facilities as midway points to get your shipment to its international destination. While the process might take a bit longer, it prevents your shipments from being returned and potential charges from USPS

You won’t need your passport to travel through the world of GlobalPost and GAP! Check out our blog, What are GlobalPost and the Global Advantage Program (GAP)?

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Advanced order actions

With orders showing up on your Orders page regularly, being organized is more important than ever. Combining and splitting orders, filtering orders, and adding notes to orders take your ShippingEasy dashboard to the next level. 

Combining Orders

If a customer has made several purchases, those orders can be combined into a single shipment to help save on your shipping cost. The only big thing to note is that only orders from the same store can be combined. For example, a Shopify order can’t be combined with an Amazon order. 

To combine orders, you’ll go to the Orders page > Select the orders you want to combine > More > Combine Orders > Selected 

Splitting Orders

The splitting orders function is used on orders with multiple items to separate them into multiple orders. For example, if a customer orders three different items, but one of the items will be in stock at a later date, the order could be split so that your customer receives the first part of their order without an additional wait. 

To split orders, you’ll go to your Orders page > Select the order you would like to split > More > Split Order. 

Read our blog How Splitting Orders Can Save On Shipping for more info. 

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Filtering Orders

Orders can be filtered through different categories such as the store the order came from, the order’s destination, and the order tags we discussed earlier. 

To filter your orders, you’ll go to the Orders page > More Filters. From here, you’ll select the filters you need, and voila! Only these orders will show on the Orders page. To remove the filters, and return to your full unshipped order list, you’ll simply click the “x” next to the filter. 

The Shipment History page has several filters to help you find orders that have already shipped in the last 90 days. To use the filters on the Shipment History page, you’ll go to Shipping > Shipment History > More Filters. 


ShippingEasy currently supports three types of notes for your orders: customer, gift, and internal. 

  • Gift notes are notes indicating when an order is a gift, so additional preparation is needed like a gift receipt, wrapping, or other services your business offers.

  • Internal notes are notes written by your business as a reminder for an order. These might be used if the customer requested a specific service after checkout or if an order needs to be packaged differently. 

To add notes for your orders, you’ll start on your Orders page > Click into the Order > Scroll down to Notes. 

To see your customer notes, you’ll start on the Orders page > More Filters > Notes > Check Customer. 

With the help of features like notes, order filters, combining orders, and splitting orders, your shipping process will be streamlined in no time! So now, it’s time to talk more about your brand. 

Omnichannel selling

Omnichannel selling sounds a little scary. What exactly is it? All omnichannel selling breaks down to is creating a similar experience, whether it be online or in-person, and keeping this experience the same across all of your marketplaces. Omnichannel selling is beneficial to your business because multiple marketplaces means having access to more data. More data means you have a better understanding of what your customers are looking for from your business.

It’s a streamlined selling process that offers a personalized and smooth shopping experience to your customers by connecting marketplaces and creating the same atmosphere both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. 

Picture your favorite business. What makes you keep returning to this business? Is it the personalized emails you receive from them? Is it their user-friendly website? If they have a physical store, do you get the same feeling shopping online that you do in person? 

Define your small business with the help of our Small Business Shipping Terms blog!  

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ConnectEasy is an application downloaded to your computer that prints labels, packing slips, and pick lists instantly from ShippingEasy. For Starter plan users, ConnectEasy is an add-on feature, so there will be an additional $5 charge on your subscription charge. 

ConnectEasy can be added to your account by going to Settings > Account Settings > Subscription & Billing > Available Add-Ons > ConnectEasy > On. 

After adding ConnectEasy to your subscription, you’ll begin the setup process by going to Settings > Devices and Hardware > ConnectEasy > Set Up ConnectEasy > Download for Windows or Download for Mac. From here, you’ll follow the step-by-step directions, depending on whether your computer is a Mac or PC. 

Need a hint on how to print? Check out our blog for more guidance on ConnectEasy!  

What is ConnectEasy?

Other ShippingEasy Plans

ShippingEasy has five other plans available for users: Basic, Plus, Select, Premium, and Enterprise. Each plan has the same features you’ve been using with your Starter account including all of the features we’ve mentioned throughout this blog, with the added bonus of access to ConnectEasy without an extra fee. Upgrading to a Basic plan or higher also gives you access to more features within ShippingEasy such as reports and USPS SCAN forms. 

Basic plans and above have access to phone, chat, and email support Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm CST. This means you’ll have real-time troubleshooting with our award-winning support team during our business hours! 


Users on the Basic plan and above have access to various shipping reports, including a Shipping Margin Report. These reports are broken down by order and include information such as the total shipping cost, order total, and sales tax. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed at a specific time, or reports can be exported as needed. 

The Reports page also has graphs to show which destinations or zones your shipments have been traveling and a brief summary of your shipping costs broken down by service. 

SCAN Forms

Another benefit of upgrading is that users on the Basic and above plan have access to creating A USPS Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, or SCAN form. SCAN forms create a barcode that has all of the information for your eligible USPS shipments so that your USPS carrier can scan one form instead of labels for each shipment. SCAN forms are created daily, and eligible shipments will automatically show up in your ShippingEasy account to make SCAN form creation as easy as possible. 

This is an example of a USPS SCAN form 



Over the course of these lessons, you’ve made your dream of starting a small business into a reality! You’ve learned how to find your shipping supplies and how to select your services, gained insight on ways to establish your brand, and know the benefits of expanding your business to a larger customer base. Class dismissed! 

Now that you’re a shipping master, check out our Driving Repeat Business: A Guide to Building a Loyal Band of Customers ebook for more tips and tricks! 

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