Earn Repeat Holiday Business Using These E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

By Rob Zaleski
Sep 12, 2018
earn holiday repeat business

Standing out in the marketplace is a struggle during the holidays. Everyone’s going all out in their attempts to bring in their share of the money consumers like to spread around during this time of year.

What holiday strategies can you put in place to earn more repeat customers for your own business? How can you effectively vie for attention with so many options available to customers?

It’s going to take more than some well-placed digital ads to earn the loyalty of customers. You’ll need to consider every element of their experience with your brand. What do they find once they’re on your site? How can you put effort into making their experience enjoyable? Do they get any advantage or benefit from choosing your business over another competitor?

Any holiday customer retention strategies you put in place should address each of these questions. That’s how you go about turning a casual site visitor into a repeat customer. Let’s dive into some of those elements.

Improve Your Site Content

Congratulations on designing great ads that caught the attention of customers and brought them to your website. Focus on creating content equally as impressive to keep them from moving on. Visitors following your ads should be taken directly to the product that caught their attention. When they arrive, your site or landing page should be able to answer all the following questions:

  • How much does the product cost?
  • What discounts are you offering?
  • Is the product currently in stock?
  • Do they have the size or color I want?
  • Will I be charged for shipping?

Make sure you have the product page display similar items that might be of interest to your visitor. Providing great product recommendations (which we’ll get to more later in this article) shows your customer that you “get” them and know what they want. Customers want to feel like they’re more than a dollar sign. Taking the time to make your site more personal helps them feel more comfortable with you and start to earn their trust. Greet a returning customer by their name and show them offers related to their previous purchases or viewed items. People like coming back to a place that goes above and beyond to make them feel welcome. Distinguishing yourself this way is especially important in a crowded holiday marketplace.

This kind of experience, followed by an easy and straightforward checkout process with as few steps as possible, can help create repeat business from your customers.

Make A Connection

What can visitors tell about your business by browsing your site? Let them feel like real people are running the site by making frequent blog posts discussing different products or offering how-to tips related to the items you sell.

Provide them with a way to continue receiving more targeted communications from you by signing up for email lists based on different areas of interest. Allow them to only hear about specials you’re offering during the Christmas holidays or items you’ll have on sale leading up to New Year’s. Doing this lets visitors control when they hear from you, making them more receptive to offers received through this format, and decreasing the likelihood they’ll unsubscribe or start ignoring your emails.

Provide Coupons And Discounts With Orders

Send customers a coupon or discount code when they place a holiday order. If they’re putting in an early Halloween order, offer them a more significant discount if they set up a second order before Halloween. Receiving these offers encourages them to keep your company in mind when they find themselves in need of additional products as a holiday draws closer.

You can also target the coupons towards items related to a customer’s purchase. Someone ordering a turkey online for Thanksgiving would appreciate coupons giving them a discount on side dishes or desserts. It helps customers think of things they may have forgotten and put your business at the top of their mind when it’s time to shop for those things.

Benefits Of Coupon Offers

  • Encourages customers to make a repeat purchase during the holiday season
  • an draw their business once a holiday rush is over
  • Allows them to make additional purchases from you they may have otherwise taken elsewhere

ShippingEasy makes this simple to do with our Customer Marketing tool. With simple automation and IF/THEN logic, you can send automated emails to your customers based on SKUs purchased, order value, and more. Select the timing, such as X days after order date or ship date, to make sure you deliver the message at the perfect time to encourage a repeat purchase.

Offer Benefits For Social Media Promotion

Another great way to improve the visibility of your business and build a bond with your customer is by getting them to mention their purchase on social media. Provide customers with a holiday-themed hashtag to use when promoting your business. You could tie this back into a coupon promotion by offering a small discount every time a customer does this.

Other Social Media Benefits You Could Offer

  • Free samples for posting pictures of your purchase used at a holiday event
  • Contest for the best holiday-themed Facebook posts featuring your product
  • Offers to send something like a Halloween grab-bag through raffles entered on Instagram

There are plenty of unique ways to use social media to keep customers engaged and coming back to your store. For a great example, check out the Wayfair example in this list of user-generated content campaigns. Again, make it feel like there’s a real person behind your social media efforts. Customers can sniff out overly corporate or insincere efforts.

Make These Strategies Work For You

Tailor your efforts to suit the strengths of your business. Strategies that might work for an online candle store might not be as useful to one selling shoes. Put your personality stamp on your efforts and take inspiration from what others are doing. Making the distinction clear helps previous customers pick out your offers over those of competing businesses during the holiday season.

If you’re ready to take your shipping and customer marketing efforts to the next level, give ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing tool a try. Access pre-made and customizable templates, email automation, and list management—FREE for 30 days!

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