Earn Repeat Holiday Business Using These Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

By Baillee Perkins
Sep 27, 2022
earn holiday repeat business

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most competitive time of the year. In a season where every business is sending customer emails, how do you make your business stand out? Look at all of your marketing from the perspective of your customers. Is your website easy to navigate and up to date? Would you enjoy the marketing emails you’re sending? How would you engage with your business on social media? We know those are a lot of questions to throw your way, but it’s the best approach when tweaking your marketing for the busiest shopping season of the year. Plus, you’ll have all-new customers to impress.

Table of Contents

  1. Update your site content
  2. Connect with your customers
  3. Offer customers coupons and discount codes
  4. Utilize social media
  5. Conclusion
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Update your site content

Congratulations! You’ve designed ads that caught the attention of new customers and brought them to your website. Now comes the hard part: keeping them on your website long enough to actually buy the product(s) you were advertising. As cliché as it sounds, first impressions are key. Here’s a list of questions (sorry for more questions) that your store/landing page should be able to answer for your customers: 

  • How much does the product cost?
  • What discounts am I getting?
  • Is the product currently in stock?
  • Do they have the size or color I want?
  • Will I be charged for shipping?

This is also a great opportunity to show off similar items that your customer might also be interested in. Product recommendations show your customers you know what they like, adding a personalized touch to their shopping experience. Taking a little time to add recommended products helps your customers to feel more comfortable in your store. Also, greeting your returning customers with their names and recommended products is welcoming. 

Image source: Amazon

Another area to focus on is your checkout process. If your checkout process is straightforward and has the least amount of steps possible, your customers will remember, making them more likely to revisit your business after the holiday season. Design elements like these are what will make your business really stand out. 

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Connect with your customers

Connecting with your customers can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like; all that matters is that you’re putting in the effort! Adding blog posts about products or how-to tips related to the items you sell reminds customers there are real people behind the scenes. 

ShippingEasy user Grounded has a section on their website with blog content, including plant care tips. 

Another way to connect to your customers is through targeted emails. These email groups can be based on different areas of interest your customers have selected through a signup form. This way, your customers are more likely to open your emails because they chose which topics interested them. For example, if a customer checked a box for holiday offers, you could send them an email for exclusive holiday items or offers. Customizing the emails your customers receive lets them know you’re actually listening to their interests.

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Offer customers coupons and discount codes

Speaking of exclusive offers, giving your customers coupons or discount codes when they place holiday orders is a great way to let them know you care. If you notice a customer is placing an early Christmas order, offer them a discount if they set up another order before Christmas; the holidays are busy, so the likelihood they’ll need to find another gift is high. Offering a discount on a second holiday order shows them you appreciate their purchase and that you’re here to help them with their holiday shopping. 

You can also offer coupons or discounts based on your customers’ purchases. If you have a customer who orders a pair of pants, you could send them a coupon for a top or shoes. If they order a coffee mug, you could send them discounts on hot chocolate, spoons, or other hot drink accessories. Thinking about other items related to what they’re currently buying helps your customers remember things they might forget and pushes your business to the top of their list. 


Utilize social media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to increase the visibility of your business while building a bond with your customers. Create a holiday-themed hashtag to use when posting about your business. Offer promo codes, exclusive deals, and/or giveaways for customers who follow you on social media. Repost pictures of products from your customers to show them their purchases matter. There are plenty of unique ways to use social media to keep customers engaged and coming back to your store, especially if you make it feel like there’s a real person behind your social media. 

ShippingEasy user Ice Shaker used social media to create a gift guide for their customers on Instagram.
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Whether you’re creating blog content on your site or simply reposting social media posts, your customers will notice your efforts. Adding personalized content to your site will show your customers that you understand their shopping habits. Customized email campaigns based on your customers’ interests will make them feel seen. Offering exclusive coupons and promo codes will help your customers remember items they might have missed or even help them place another order. Engaging with your customers on social media gives you more opportunities for reviews, feedback, and exposure for your business. With all of these forces combined, you’ll keep your holiday customers coming back year-round. 

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