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By Rob Zaleski
Jan 16, 2018
Valentine's Day email marketing campaigns for e-commerce

Everything is turning pink and red in stores, and chocolates are everywhere you look. It must be Valentine’s Day season. That means you should be thinking about your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns. You know email marketing is one of the best marketing channels, but how do you stand out in the inbox when consumers are getting more emails than ever before? Let’s go over some Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign ideas you can use.


Though it may seem obvious to do some sort of promotion or sale for a Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign, consider trying a different way to approach this. Simply doing a “Valentine’s Day Sale!” email isn’t really going to cut it these days if you want to stand out in the inbox.

Instead, try thinking about how your product could relate to Valentine’s Day, and those celebrating it. How does it relate to couples spending time together for their Valentine’s Day plans? How can you be part of the sentimentality of the holiday? Think about how you can make this your customers’ best Valentine’s Day, and you could have your best one as a retailer, too. For example, the email below from doesn’t simply suggest buying wine. The email suggests buying different wines for the different types of Valentine’s Day you may be experiencing.

Valentine's Day email marketing

If you sell clothing, candles, makeup, arts/crafts/paintings, or other items that carry a strong focus on color, you could consider running promotions on anything red, pink, maroon, etc. This would be a more fun way to hyper-focus your campaign and clear out a little inventory.

Customer Appreciation

This holiday is all about sharing the feels, so it’s a perfect opportunity to show your customers how much you appreciate them. Create a Valentine’s Day email campaign to show special attention to your top customers or VIPs. All you need is a tool like ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing add-on to segment your audience based on average order size or total spent, create your message, and share the love.

Valentine's Day email  marketing customer appreciation

Don’t just show love to your top spenders, though. Use Valentine’s Day to let all of your subscribers know how much you appreciate them giving you the opportunity to be in their inbox (and hopefully their hearts!). Create a special promo code or landing page exclusively for those customers, or create a Share the Love campaign to encourage them to share deals with their friends.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day promo

Maybe your business just doesn’t fit into V-Day, or maybe you don’t care much for the holiday itself. Some of your customers may feel the same way! Play the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day and do a promotion sharing your distaste for V-Day.

Going against the expectations (and using a killer subject line) could make your email promotions stand out in your customers’ inboxes. Stay in theme with your email graphics, promo codes (Promo code: TableForOne or LoveStinks, for example), and maybe add a touch of humor.

Bonus: Galentine’s Day

Any of you out there who are fans of the television series Parks and Rec are probably already aware of this holiday. For those who aren’t, on February 13th, Galentine’s Day, an unofficial holiday, is celebrated as a day for “ladies celebrating ladies.” This type of campaign would work best if you can segment your audience to focus just on women, and have a little fun.

The unofficial holiday has formed a solid following, with many women across the world celebrating it and posting their own photos and videos of their festivities. With a little research, you can easily determine if you can fit your products into the narrative of the holiday. Then, create your email campaign and send to your segmented list (both of which can be done using ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing add-on).


Most of all, have fun and go for a different approach to your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns. That’s how you’ll get noticed. It’s a holiday for lovers, and also lovers of the products you carry, so share the love!

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