Customize Your Customer Emails! Upload Your Address Book……Now!

Customize Your Customer Emails! Upload Your Address Book……Now!

ShippingEasy launched a couple of liberating features overnight. Let’s jump right in: Email Customization: We provide the template, you make the selections. You now have complete freedom to include the […]

What New USPS Rate Changes Mean for Your Business

What New USPS Rate Changes Mean for Your Business

For the latest USPS shipping rates, please head to our 2020 USPS rate changes article. USPS Rate Changes 2014 On September 7, 2014 USPS will be changing their shipping rates for […]


Split Quantity, Automation | Rules, more UPS, Ecwid

Our ambition to listen, build and continuously release means new stuff!  A few new things we’d like to share: Split Quantity: An oh so useful variation on the Split Order […]


IMPORTANT: a change in ShippingEasy rate provider that requires ACTION

We are making an important change in rate providers that will require an action on your part.  Previously, we have partnered with both Endicia and Express 1 to offer you […]


Our summer facelift

We can’t hide it and we won’t deny it. We’re quite certain you’re going to notice our non-invasive facelift and new colors when you visit today. It accompanies our new […]


PayPal is here! + more integrations

PayPal is here! You can now download orders via PayPal. Same auto-sync as your other stores, same tracking and status updates back to PayPal. Integrate PayPal Now Add it here: […]


Mapping Shipping Rules Is a Must | We Will Help You Set It Up

Hopefully you saw our announcement last week that Mapping is here! We introduced Shipping Rules that make it easy for you to automate your shipping. You will basically tell the ShippingEasy software IF this, THEN that. A few handy examples […]


Shipping Rules – better known as mapping – is HERE!

If you ship more than 5 orders a day, you need to know about mapping. If you ship more than 30 orders a day, you will want to set it up TODAY. Last night we rolled out this wonderful, fully-customizable feature that allows you to set up Shipping Rules for your orders.


ConnectEasy Printing for Batch! Free monthly subscriptions

Last night we launched the complete evolution of LABEL PRINTING via ShippingEasy. This is relevant for the majority of our customers and makes printing labels, custom forms, pick lists and packing slips far more convenient.


Edit Weights, Compare Rates, ConnectEasy, WooCommerce & More

This post is worth scanning in full. We have introduced a number of new features that will save you even more time & money. A huge thank you to our engineering team who have listened relentlessly and to our customers who have shared generously. The right combination to build great things!