Edit Weights, Compare Rates, ConnectEasy, WooCommerce & More

By Jack Ship
May 2, 2014

This post is worth scanning in full. We have introduced a number of new features that will save you even more time & money. A huge thank you to our engineering team who have listened relentlessly and to our customers who have shared generously. The right combination to build great things! 

Edit Order Weights….from the Orders screen

It’s now easy to edit your weights in bulk or one at a time.

  • 1 Order at a time edits: simply go to the end of the row for the Order and select “Edit Weight” from the drop down.
  • Multi-order/bulk edits: select all orders requiring a weight edit and select “Edit Weights” under the More button at the top of the screen.
  • TIP: remember you can also Quick Ship an Order directly from this screen using your Saved Selections



Quick Ship: Manual Orders

In line with our pledge to reduce clicks, you can now create labels directly from Manual Orders.

  • SAVED SELECTIONS: access your Saved Selections from the “Save & Quick Ship” button and send your labels straight to Print. You can bypass the Ready to Ship page altogether. Make sure you have your 5 most used Domestic & 5 most used International Quick Ship/Saved Selections set up


Compare Rates:

Bingo! Look for a Savings Alert if there is a cheaper USPS package type available to your destination based on weight and dimensions.

  • Smart Rate Savings:As you make selections on the Ready to Ship page, we will simultaneously look for alternative services/packages to save you money. If we find one, it will appear as a green SAVE $ button. Click it to view money saving options.


ConnectEasy: browser based printing at its finest

Print directly from the Ready to Ship page using Quick Ship…without the Print Applet we’ve all been persevering with. ConnectEasy introduces cloud based shipping to physical hardware and peripherals – without the Applets! Hooray. One time set-up with immediate, limitless payback. Phase I is all printers. Phase II will extend to scales. Today ConnectEasy is only accessible from Ready to Ship but its benefits will be extended to many more printers and screens in May.


New Integrations: WooCommerce and Storenvy

We are delighted to announce two new integrations this week: Woo Commerce and Storenvy. You can add these additional Stores under Settings for real time Order Downloads and automatic tracking updates back to your store/s.


Customer Shipment Confirmation Email: new options on what is included!

More control on the email you can send to your Customers upon shipping their order.

  • CHOOSE whether to include the Shipping Method, Tracking # and Line Item Details
  • Go to Settings>>Stores – and then click on the Store name you would like to make changes to.
  • Click Edit Store Settings: and the choice is yours:



  • ConnectEasy Extensions: more print options, including International vs Domestic labels and multiple printers
  • EasyReferral: an easy way for our Customers to earn FREE months doing what you already do – refer others to ShippingEasy (thank you!)
  • UPS pick up request: it’s coming!
  • OpenCart integration: more cart options for our WordPress customers

Please keep the feedback coming. Our new feature request area allows you to start a discussion with other ShippingEasy customers. The more “likes”, the more attention it tends to get from our product team: http://support.shippingeasy.com/forums/22965246-Feature-Requests
Warm Regards,
Jack Ship

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