Celebrating ShippingEasy’s FIRST Birthday with a Chance to WIN $100!

By Jack Ship
Apr 8, 2014


Note: At this time, submissions for this competition are now closed.  Thanks for sharing your stories and helping us celebrate Jack’s Birthday!

A BIG THANKS to all our customers for a FANTASTIC first year!

Now that we’ve become so nostalgic we’re taking a look at all the moments we LOVED the past year.

To kick us off, we’re sharing Jack’s favorite story.

A Genuine House Call: That Time We Visited So Lola’s House to Help SHIP!

so-lola-shippingIt was only a few months into ShippingEasy v2 that our dear customer, Maggie Ruiz of So Lola Boutique, launched her biggest group deal ever on Jane.com.

If you’ve ever run a group deal you know what it’s like to run your biggest deal to date!  A process you mastered suddenly seems completely inadequate.
Back then we weren’t integrated directly with Jane.com (nee veryjane.com) and batching was a relatively immature process. Both of our businesses have come a long way since then!

THE BIG SHIPPING DAY: the plan was straightforward….export orders, CSV upload, ship. But, with thousands of similar orders except for color, Maggie needed smart labels that directed what product/color to include in a given recipient’s envelope. With some help from her Account Manager, Tessa – and a little Excel magic, bam – the labels were set to print with all the right details.

THE NEMESIS: enter that nasty BACK button available on every browser.  In an effort to generate batches at pace and get thousands of orders out the door, Maggie would hit the Back button to grab the next batch. In short, let’s just say there were some labels with duplicate characteristics. And by “some” – we might mean “a lot”. As an aside, this incident led to the development of a “guard” so at no stage can a label ever be duplicated (rest easy!).

Fortunately, Maggie is in Texas too which led to ShippingEasy living a day in the real-life shoes of a group deal seller.  We dispatched our very capable intern, Ryan, to make his way to So Lolas headquarters in Buda.  Together they worked tirelessly to identify and cancel duplicates, batch the remaining orders, print the labels and fulfil the orders…….finishing the project with just 15 minutes to spare!

So now you know our favorite story.  The picture, of Maggie’s hallway with all our packages, will forever be ingrained in our memory. What a sight!

A toast to Maggie – who taught us more than she’ll ever know. Cheers.

And now, a few of our FAVORITE FEATURES since we launched on April 8th, 2013:

  • SAVED SELECTIONS — a MUST! Not only did they make printing easier but they also made possible QUICK! PRINT IT! from the order’s page — and Christmas — a little brighter.
  • We love to BATCH. By weight, by product, by carrier…We could create batches all day!  Now 100+ at a time..
  • NEW INTEGRATIONS with Jane. And Etsy. And Magento. And 3dcart. And Amazon. And eBay. And Volusion. And Shopify. And–our first–BigCommerce! And then of course UPS and FedEx.
  • The DASHBOARD! Finally a place to track all of your hard work.
  • Order CATEGORIES add colors and organization to groups of common orders. Highlighting out of stock, on hold, address issues and everything in between.
  • MANUAL ORDERS — nifty paste & parse and a quick zip to the Ready to Ship. No pit stops.
  • .CSV uploads, mapping, reporting and history — it’s all here now.
  • INSURANCE SETTINGS — set preferences one time and we’ll apply forevermore.

Looking for more features we’ve released?

We’re sharing every feature we’ve released in another blog post, here.

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