By Jack Ship
Apr 8, 2014
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What a year it’s been. Though our engineers are clearly rock stars, we owe a huge thank you to all of our customers that provided suggestions, ideas and feedback every step of the way.



  • Order details rollover
  • Combine Orders
  • Flag orders- categories
  • Extend # categories and colors available
  • Notes on Orders
  • Search multiple orders in a pop up box
  • Print Packing slips from Orders page
  • Add column for PO, Residential, Commercial, Military, Territory
  • Show 50 orders, 100 orders
  • Sort by Order #
  • QUICK Ship! from Orders page


  • US Territories – add the ability to ship there
  • Batches allowing varying weight
  • Batch: allow Edit on ShipFrom address
  • Batch: enable 100 order batches
  • Cache USPS First Class rates
  • Address recommendations
  • Set default Ship From address
  • Order #s on labels
  • Custom packages: add to weight
  • Custom packages: merge into Package drop down on RTS (Ready to Ship page)
  • Saved Selections
  • Stealth postage on Large Flat
  • Weight rounding
  • Retrieve Order # from RTS (1 by 1 shipping)
  • Request USPS Pick up
  • Signature confirmation on Express Mail shipments (don’t waive it)
  • 9 digit zip code (add 4)
  • Ship from: different zip code (eg mail from Post Office)
  • FedEx residential address flag removal (add a toggle)
  • Set default return shipping address
  • If a shipment can’t get a rate in a batch, flag it
  • Ship date to trigger emails if date advance is selected vs. ‘Print’ button
  • Parallel rate quoting
  • Override Address Flag – UPS/FedEx


  • Ability to upload CSV
  • CSV field mapping
  • CSV: Delete/Edit Mapping
  • CSV: save uploads
  • CSV: speed improvement for large files
  • CSV: make state and zip codes required fields
  • CSV: don’t make country and date mandatory fields on CSV

Manual Orders

  • Address validation
  • Paste & Parse an address
  • Ability to filter to Manual Orders
  • Make it a store type
  • Create & Ship now bypassing Orders page
  • Extend weight boxes; allow for longer Order #
  • Smarty Streets API


  • Add to weight – custom packaging
  • Email notifications – ability to turn off
  • Auto-refill postage balance
  • International shipments
  • Insurance defaults & preferences
  • Hardware: printers & scales
  • Customer addresses


  • Add the ability to include insurance (v2 launched without it!)
  • Add insurance to a batch
  • Insurance settings
  • Shipsurance for FedEx/UPS; remove $100 Cap


  • Quick print! directly to your printer
  • Print labels in preferred order
  • Batch print retained in a queue


  • 3d cart
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • etsy
  • FedEx
  • Jane
  • Magento
  • Volusion
  • UPS

Extra stuff to make the app awesome

  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • USB Scale integration
  • Notifications at top of app
  • Pick Lists
  • Packing Slips v2 – entirely based on customer feedback
  • Volusion: let customer pick which order status to download
  • Bulk actions: Shipment History (cancel, duplicate and refund labels in bulk)
  • Batch ID: add column to Shipment History
  • Increase batch history hold on Ready to Print from 24hrs to 72 hrs
  • FedEx Duties
  • + ++++++++++ more
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