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By Jack Ship
Jun 5, 2014

Last night we launched the complete evolution of LABEL PRINTING via ShippingEasy. This is relevant for the majority of our customers and makes printing labels, custom forms, pick lists and packing slips far more convenient. Please make sure to adjust your settings so you’re evolving with us OR attend one of our short webinars so you can watch the easy set up and ask any questions in real time – see below.


ShippingEasy started supporting direct printing of labels to your printer (skipping the PDF and Ready to Print page altogether) late last year. However, it involved a java applet and was only available for single labels. Not anymore!

  • All labels, all customers: printing 1 by 1 labels or batches directly to a printer is now available to all customers
  • Multiple printers – you can now print custom forms to 1 printer and labels to another. Or international labels to 1 printer and domestic to another. Enormous flexibility to support all workflows.  Set up your preferences here:


  • New buttons – you will see new buttons on the Ready to Ship page.
    • Print Now – sends the label or batch directly to the designated printer with no further action required. Note: available after ConnectEasy set up is complete.
    • Print Later – sends the label or batch to the Ready to Print page for PDF printing when you’re ready.
    • You choose!


  • Note on batches – please note that the batch of labels still requires purchasing, assembling, creating an image, etc between ShippingEasy and Endicia, so there will always be a slight pause before the labels start shooting out


Introducing 2 short 10-15 minute webinar that walks through this revolutionary feature. We will add more based on demand – so don’t worry if you can’t attend one of these, please let us know you’re interested in further times/availability by replying to this email.

  • TODAY, Thursday, 4pm CST – Samantha, who most of you know as one of our incredibly helpful account managers, will take you through a quick demonstration to ensure you get your settings just right and understand the full power of what is now available for printing purposes. Sign up for this webinar here.
  • TOMORROW, Friday, 10am CST – another live demonstration with plenty of time for individual Q&A.  Sign up for this webinar here.

If you like to do things in your own time, everything you need to know is here:  

Batch Functionality

You told us that Batches mean something beyond shipping selections and printing. Labels belong to a batch forever more and sometimes you need to know what orders were in what batch – after you print.

  • Batch ID – we assigned a batch id to all orders/labels last month and made this available in Shipment History.
  • Batch ID on Ready to Print – last night we added this ID to your Ready to Print page as well.
  • Search Batch ID – and made it possible to easily filter/search to all labels/orders within a batch.



SHIPMENT HISTORY PAGE – now search by Batch ID


Refer a Friend

Thank you so much for the continuous referrals you send our way. We are so grateful that we built a feature to reward you for this!

  • 2 Free months – both you and your referred friend/colleague will get a FREE month! There is no limit to this – so if you refer 12 friends, you will get the entire year free.
  • Send a link or email from here: it’s simple, click “Refer: FREE month” from the top level navigation anytime and seamlessly forward the sign-up link that will give you and your referred friend a friend month. Thank you in advance!


I Still Call Australia Home

I you don’t know the song, you’re probably not from Australia and Qantas is unlikely to be your preferred Airline.  Our dear colleague, Tessa, has completed her US tour and will be returning to Australia this week. She has been a monumental force in setting up a world class Account Management function at ShippingEasy. We will miss her “heaps” – as they say in Australian….we know you will too. Please know that Sam (and team) have picked up where Tessa left off and will ensure we continue to deliver the service you expect. A big thank you to Tessa.

Mapping: Coming in June

Warm Regards,
Jack Ship

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