Split Quantity, Automation, Shipping Rules, more UPS, Ecwid

Split Quantity, Automation | Rules, more UPS, Ecwid

By Jack Ship
Aug 15, 2014

Our ambition to listen, build and continuously release means new stuff!  A few new things we’d like to share:

Split Quantity:

An oh so useful variation on the Split Order already offered. For those times when the full order quantity is not in stock – split what you have for shipment, and leave the balance on the Orders page.  An easy tool that helps you debit the original order and credit a new one with the quantity mix you’re ready to ship. Can do!

New Shipping Rules:

No more doing the same thing again and again. Set up rules to cover what you do, and the software will do it for you. Here are the latest additions:

  • Destination – apply different rules to International vs Domestic shipments
  • Zone – set up rules to take advantage of USPS Regional Rate boxes on Zone 1-4
  • Store – set up rules and conditions to apply per store
  • Learn more –  about automating your shipping with IF, THEN type rules and conditions
  • Get help – we have a specialist on hand that can help you configure these in minutes. Truly life changing even if you only ship 10 a day.


We are now integrated with this powerful, free shopping platform. Learn more about this cloud-based option – we rate it!


More shipping options. Please email if you’d like more information on new UPS shipping services.


  • Import your address book
  • Highlight orders to the same recipient
  • Batches of 200!

Warm Regards,
Jack Ship

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