Easy, cheap insurance! CSV upgrades & holiday tips!

By Jack Ship
Dec 5, 2013

We can see our customers are enjoying a jump start to the holiday season! The orders and shipments processed through ShippingEasy have increased 5-fold in the last 10 days. Apologies for any inconvenience Massive Monday caused. Things should be noticeably faster now.

Please email our CEO directly anytime with issues or feedback – she is product obsessed: [email protected]


Though we are being more selective with any changes pre-Christmas, we did release some great new features overnight:

INSURANCE: Peace of mind – made simple!

  • Automatically determine whether to insure a package
  • Set it up once – tell the system when to trigger insurance automatically, saving you time and ensuring your preferences are applied regardless of who is doing your shipping

  • Domestic vs International – flexibility to set different rules based on where the package is headed
  • Specified Amount vs Order Total: you can assign a specified value to insure for all shipments OR set the insured value to be each specific Order Total
  • Qualified shipments: take it 1 step further and only include insurance IF the total value of the order exceeds a minimum value (eg ONLY insure my packages when the value is > $75).
  • HOW? Go to SETTINGS>>Shipment Settings>>Shipment Insurance
  • No more annoying $0.77 credit card fees – our insurance billing has moved to a periodic basis vs single transaction. Many of you mentioned how annoying it was to see multiple, small charges – poof, no more!


  • CSV – more options! Plus, kick off an upload while you visit another page or complete another task
    • Remove old mappings – list getting too long? previous versions no longer in use? Now you can Delete!
    • Rename – make your list more intuitive by renaming any saved mapping in your list
    • Upload process – you can now start an upload and we’ll alert you when it’s ready with an email. We verify every address DURING the upload process so it can take a little bit. So, we’ve introduced a Dashboard showcasing progress and the ability to navigate away from this page and do something else. We’ll also keep a list of your Upload history for future reference.

A few other small requests we’ve completed:

  • Confirmation emails: we have added some explanatory text to the Shipment Confirmation email to reassure your customers that it can sometimes take the carriers 24- 48 hours to make this information available.
  • Customer Comments: now available in the Order Details rollover for every order – both Orders page and Ready to Ship page.
  • Manual Orders, Paste & Parse: needs to work 100% of the time – we hear you! We’ve added a link so you can share hiccups which will allow us to extend the patterns we can match in no time. Share frequently so we can accelerate this tool’s usefulness.



  • Xmas Shipping Cut-off Dates: this handy holiday calendar makes it easy to see the last day to ship in order to make it by Christmas.
  • Gifts: hide prices – prefer to hide prices on your packing slips this time of year? Just remove this option in Settings>>Packing Slips. After the holidays, you can always add the option to “Display Item Price” back.

Please continue to send through your feedback and ideas. We are 100% committed to keeping our customers at the center of ShippingEasy product development.

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