New! a few small enhancements pre-Xmas

By Jack Ship
Dec 19, 2013

We continue to limit new feature releases during the busy holiday season. However, we slipped in a couple of smaller things overnight:

  • Combine Orders – 1 buyer, many orders? Problem solved.
    • To combine orders from a customer that has placed multiple orders going to the same address, simply select the Orders and then find the “Combine Orders” option under the More button. This allows you to consolidate orders into a single shipment and save shipping and packing costs.

  • Manual Orders – Paste & Parse: you might have noticed we added a link to send in address parsing errors as you go – to help us improve this tool. Thank you for all the feedback so far and please keep it coming. We are learning new patterns and adjusting the parsing tool to reflect them. 
    • Name & Company Name – when you paste in both a Customer Name and a Company Name, the tool now parses to separate lines more accurately. Recommendation: make sure Customer Name is first. 
    • Washington DC – we can handle this all important District now! 
    • State names in a street name – if your customer lives on Delaware Drive Lot; Appache Junction, Arizona, the tool now favors Arizona as the State vs Delaware.  Tricky that one.


  • USPS Pick Ups: we are aware of a number of recent glitches when requesting a USPS pick up. These have been addressed and your postman should now turn up 100% of the time to collect your packages when requested via ShippingEasy.


Please continue to share your feedback and suggestions as we move into 2014. We are so grateful for the keen interest our customers take in the ShippingEasy app.


Lastly, a few holiday reminders:

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