A couple of things you might have missed: ship faster in time for the holiday rush!

By Jack Ship
Nov 18, 2013

We have launched a couple of features that many, many customers helped us design and make available to all ShippingEasy customers. Some of these have already been adopted by 80% of our users while others continue to find new fans daily. Just want to make sure that ALL of our customers have them set up before the holidays

2 STEP LABEL PRINTING – takes a minute to set up and you’ll reduce your shipping time by 50%. If you PRINT LABELS 1 by 1, it’s a MUST for you.

  • Step 1: SAVED SELECTIONS – a MUST! Just save the selection/s you use regularly and save as the default. Next time you hit the Ready to Ship page, the selections will beat you there and the rate will already be calculated. All you need to do is Quick! Print it (see next point) and you’ll have a printed label.
  • Step 2: Quick! PRINT IT – this option enables printing directly from the Ready to Ship screen. No more review, pay and print buttons or clicks.
    • Note: this is for single label printing only; batch shippers please ignore
    • To Set it up: go to Settings>>Hardware & Devices >> Printer
      • Applet: you will download an applet which essentially bridges the gap between your computer, printer and browser.
      • Java: you will be prompted to download the most recent version of Java if you haven’t already


Completely self-explanatory with endless uses – the kinda feature we love.

Add a color flag to orders of a similar type of that you want to ship a certain way or that you want to eventually batch or that you want to ship during this session or even assign to a certain person in your warehouse.

  • Just select the order and then go to “Categorize” under the More button. Then, you can filter by all Orders that you have flagged with a certain color anytime. Name them to inform others or to remind you what you were thinking back in November 2013 when you set em’ up.


Another favorite feature with endless uses.

Add a reminder or a note or an address change or whatever. Kinda like a yellow sticky in the offline world stuck smack on top of your online orders.

Please keep your feedback coming. We are focused on optimization and speed at the moment so things are even faster going in to the holiday season.

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