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how to prepare for holiday returns

How to Prepare for Holiday Returns

The 2019 holiday season is already off to an epic start, with Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend breaking records in historic fashion. This is great news for online retailers and the […]

Managing Amazon Reputation and Feedback

Managing Amazon Reputation, Voice of Customer, and Star Ratings

As Amazon continues to put more and more focus on customer experience, brands and businesses will need to increase focus on managing Amazon reputation. The problem is, Amazon is pretty […]

Inventory Management software everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know About Inventory Management

Growing e-commerce merchants are always looking for strategies and tools that will help them continue on their growth trajectory. When those merchants are juggling orders and inventory from multiple sales […]

multichannel marketplaces for e-commerce

How to Manage Your E-commerce Orders for Multichannel Marketplaces

This guest article comes courtesy of Brian Roizen from Feedonomics In today’s e-commerce world, selling only on one or two channels is not enough. You know that old saying, “don’t […]

ShippingEasy 2019 Holiday Support Hours

ShippingEasy 2019 Holiday Support Hours

The most important time for e-commerce merchants is nearly upon us. ShippingEasy’s award-winning support team has been making their list and checking it twice to make sure your holidays are […]

Branded Tracking shippingeasy

How to Brand the E-commerce Shipping Experience

There are many steps in the e-commerce journey your customers take. They’re also likely shopping around with multiple brands and businesses, particularly during the holidays, so you need to make […]

niche e-commerce success

Niche E-commerce Success

A crux to e-commerce success is finding a niche e-commerce opportunity and capitalizing on it. By recognizing a void in the marketplace and filling it, you limit competition and can […]

2020 shipping rates and what they mean to merchants

2020 Shipping Rates: What the Changes Mean for E-commerce Merchants

The United States Postal Service has released its proposed changes to shipping rates for 2020, to take effect on January 26, 2020. FedEx has released their changes to an extent […]

shorter holiday shopping season e-commerce

What a Shorter Holiday Shopping Season Means to You

Every e-commerce merchant knows the holiday season is just around the corner. What some may not be aware of is the number of days in the 2019 holiday shopping season […]

Holiday e-commerce stats

2018 Holiday E-commerce Stats and What They Mean for 2019 Holiday E-commerce

Smart e-commerce merchants know that they can look backward to analyze trends and statistics and apply that knowledge to how they plan for the future. To that end, we are […]