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6 Tricks to Save Big Money on Shipping and Get Free Supplies

Financial difficulties are impacting everyone, and the ecommerce industry is no exception. So, we understand the importance of saving money wherever you can. Carriers offer free supplies. ShippingEasy merchants have […]

Learn how to ship jewelry for your small business with ShippingEasy!

How to Ship Jewelry

One of the biggest considerations when shipping jewelry is the type of insurance and/or liability coverage included with your shipment. Carriers like USPS provide insurance while UPS and FedEx have […]

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Building Stronger Customer Relationships Through E-Commerce

It’s 2023. While some “futuristic” films may have completely missed the mark on technological advances, they did get one thing right: we spend an extraordinary amount of time online. This […]

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The ShippingEasy SpeakEasy May Recap

How can you take your brand to the next level? In this session of our webinar series, The ShippingEasy SpeakEasy, we’ll discuss how to evolve your brand, the importance of […]

Presenting ShippingEasy's How to Ship guide!

From Coffee to Clothing: ShippingEasy’s How to Ship Guide

Regardless of business size, How to Ship: An Easy Guide to Shipping Your Products can improve your shipping process and expand your shipping horizons. This How To Ship guide has […]

Learn how to ship toiletries with ShippingEasy!

How to Ship Toiletries

While there are carrier regulations around shipping toiletries, shipping toiletries doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re going to cover the ins and outs of shipping toiletries including carrier-specific packaging guidelines […]

Stay rooted in shipping plants with ShippingEasy's guide!

How to Ship Plants

Learning about the requirements and restrictions from USPS, UPS, and FedEx is crucial in getting your plants to their new homes without damage. Let’s dig in!

Shipping Unboxed: FAQs about Tracking Shipments

Welcome back! So far, we’ve discussed the likes of USPS, returns, and shipment dimensions in our Shipping Unboxed series. Now, we’re back to talk about all things tracking, including how […]

Learn more about HAZMAT labels.

USPS HAZMAT Label Changes  

Starting January 21st, USPS is enhancing safety measures for handling dangerous goods shipments. The HAZMAT labels will now feature an oversized letter “H” in the corner, the addition of 2D […]

Should I Offer International Shipping?

Should I Offer International Shipping?

Bonjour! If we’re being honest, international shipping is something that does take extra work and requires additional forms and shipping guidelines. However, if you aren’t offering international shipping, you’re missing […]