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How to Convert More Back-to-School Shoppers

The back-to-school season is set to break records again this year. Shoppers, from younger kids to college students, from parents to teachers, are ready to spend. This year, the NRF […]

ways to cut amazon costs

Surprising Ways to Cut Amazon Costs

Online sellers need to find every way they can to cut costs and reduce overhead. This is particularly true for Amazon sellers. Every single seller we talk to here is […]

customer lifecycle email strategy header

Customer Lifecycle Email Strategy for E-commerce

Email is a powerful tool for moving your customers through the e-commerce customer lifecycle. Every step of their journey can be supported by a note offering them something they may […]

Amazon marketing optimization

Understanding the Challenges of Amazon Marketing Optimization

The Amazon Marketing Landscape The opportunity for Amazon sellers to optimize their platform presence is immense, critical for growth, and only increasing from here. Hundreds of millions of consumers trust […]

What is Amazon Brand Analytics

What is Amazon Brand Analytics?

Have you heard rumblings in Amazon forums about Amazon Brand Analytics? Wondering what it’s all about and if it could help you sell more on the platform? ShippingEasy is all […]

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3 Ways to Use Prime Day to Set Up for Holiday Season Success

When you sell on Amazon, you know it’s not only about the short-term sales. You’re looking at the long game, figuring out how to get and keep customers, compete with […]

How to Maximize Amazon Product Reviews Requests

How to Maximize Amazon Product Reviews

By now you’ve likely heard every stat on the web about how important reviews are to e-commerce. Customers trust them (72% of customers don’t take action until they have read […]

Dimensional weight calculator 2019

Dimensional Weight and 2019 USPS Shipping Rates Changes

We’re continuing to dissect the upcoming 2019 USPS shipping rates changes. If you haven’t seen our summary of all USPS shipping rates changes, check that out here. We’ve also touched […]

First Class International Shipping Rate Changes

USPS Rate Changes to First Class International Shipping

While most of the 2019 changes to shipping rates took place back in January, there were a couple of changes the USPS delayed until June. One of those changes is […]

dimensional weight shipping rates header

How to Avoid Paying Increased Dimensional Weight Shipping Rates

The USPS dimensional weight changes that were proposed earlier this year take effect on June 23. If you’re not familiar with the changes that are coming, we’ve done a complete […]