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Amazon Prime Day Preparation

By Rob Zaleski
Jun 14, 2018
Amazon Prime Day preparation tips

Amazon has begun releasing details surrounding Amazon Prime Day 2018, which will be held July 16-17. With the massive success from last year’s sales event—60% increase in sales from 2016 to 2017—there’s no question you’ll want to be part of it this year. That means it’s time to talk Amazon Prime Day preparation.

With that in mind, we’ve created an Amazon Prime Day preparation infographic to help you plan, prepare, and realize just how much opportunity there is for you to increase sales and exposure during what is typically a slow period in e-commerce.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Prep Tips

The time to start your Amazon Prime Day preparation is now. If you’ve waited until Amazon officially announced Prime Day, you may already be behind. Not particularly ideal when you need to prepare inventory, shipping supplies, think about temporary staffing, and other procedural needs to keep up with a sudden increase in demand.

Stock up on supplies

That happy feeling of getting a massive increase in sales can immediately turn to dread if you realize you’re not equipped with everything you need to ship items quickly. If you participated last year, use that as your benchmark and consider adding just a bit more. If you didn’t, try taking a look at other single-day events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and use those days to help benchmark just how many supplies you should have stockpiled for Amazon Prime Day 2018. You can get free supplies from carriers, too. Learn how to obtain them at

Create automation shortcuts now

One of the most important time-savers you can put into place to help you manage an influx of orders is shipping and order automation. By creating simple If/Then statements in your shipping and order management software (like ShippingEasy), you can turn many tasks into hands-free automated tasks, saving you massive amounts of time, busy work, and removing the possibility of human error during a potentially stressful time. Below are a few examples we recommend:

Have a communication strategy

One of the difficult aspects of building your business with Amazon is the restrictions the platform places on communicating with customers. Though you can’t reach out to them with marketing emails, there are still opportunities after the sale.

Increase your social presence

Using the previously mentioned custom packing slips and delivery confirmation emails, you can capitalize on the influx of orders to build your social lists, which will allow you later opportunities for running social ads to that audience. There, you can promote your website or any other store you have where there might not be such strong restrictions on customer communication.

Build your reputation on Amazon

Probably the biggest opportunity that Amazon Prime Day 2018 can bring you next month is an increase in reviews that will build your reputation on the platform. ShippingEasy’s Amazon Seller Suite features Amazon Feedback Requests that can automate review requests for products and sellers. Improving your reputation will pay dividends throughout the year, and help set you up to successfully be found in search results during holiday season.

Learn More

Building your reputation is crucial for a few reasons:

  1. 84% of people say they trust customer reviews as much as friends to decide whether to do business with a company
  2. 45% of consumers say that they’re more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews
  3. Your Amazon seller feedback is a critical piece of being found in search results for the products your sell
  4. Amazon Prime Day Preparation Tips

    With all that said, take a look at the below infographic with more tips on preparing for and making the most of Amazon Prime Day. It provides interesting stats, helpful tips, and some timing considerations to help you capitalize on this 30-hour event!

    Amazon Prime Day preparation infographic

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