Amazon Prime Day Preparation

By Baillee Perkins
Jul 5, 2023
Amazon Prime Day preparation tips

Big news: Amazon has released details surrounding Prime Day 2023, set to take place on July 11-12. Given that Prime Day is one of the biggest retail events of the year, there’s no question you’ll want to be part of it. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of Prime Day tips to help you plan, prepare, and realize the opportunity Prime Day gives you to increase your sales and boost your reputation.

When should you start preparing for Prime Day?

Now! Start stocking up on your supplies checking your automation, and building your reputation on Amazon ASAP to keep your Prime Day running smoothly. 

Stock up on supplies

If you participated in Prime Day last year, use that as your benchmark. If you didn’t, think about other single-day events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and use those days to help plan how many supplies you’ll need. You can even snag free USPS supplies straight from your ShippingEasy account from Onyx Products. 

Learn more about where to find free shipping supplies in our blog – Shipping 101!

Create automation shortcuts

Shipping Rules are a really simple way to save you a lot of time when you’re getting an influx of orders. Creating or updating these simple if/then statements in your ShippingEasy account can turn your shipping into an automated and streamlined process. For example, you could create a rule that gives your Amazon orders priority over other orders. You’re only human, and Prime Day is busy — set yourself up for success! 

Build your reputation on Amazon

Prime Day 2023 offers a valuable opportunity to not only increase your sales but also enhance your reputation on Amazon. By participating in Prime Day, you can actively work towards improving your overall reputation, which in turn, will significantly benefit your visibility in search results, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Building your reputation is also something to work on because: 

  • 84% of people say they trust customer reviews as much as friends to decide whether to do business with a company
  • 45% of consumers say that they’re more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews
  • Your Amazon seller feedback is a critical piece of being found in search results for the products your sell

Other sales promotions like Prime Day

While Prime Day is widely discussed, it’s important to note that other major marketplaces also host special sale events. For instance, Walmart’s “Deals for Days” is set to kick off on July 10th to July 13th and Target’s “Circle Week” will take place from July 9th to July 15th. As a seller on either of these platforms, it’s essential to keep these dates in mind as they present additional opportunities to boost your sales and reach a broader audience.


Prime Day can essentially be a mini-holiday season for your business. Being prepared for an influx of orders in the middle of summer is a little jarring. But, as long as you keep your eyes on your shipping supply backstock, check in on your Shipping Rules, and start building your reputation with Amazon now, you’ll be ready to go.

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