WooCommerce Customer Testimonials



“I have messed around with a ton of “shipping integration” apps that have fallen flat on their face. ShippingEasy was insanely EASY…no pun intended! It synced with our www.1CAMO.com WooCommerce wedding ring store in minutes! I love how this app was the first one that AUTOMATICALLY had my shipping labels ready to print with a few clicks… no copying and pasting needed. PLUS I can ship orders abroad via cheap USPS! And if you get a subscription plan you get discount pricing for first class and priority mail! Win win win! Just sign up and install Shipping Easy now!” – Justin at www.1CAMO.com



“Shipping software and shipping issues can be difficult with so many options and systems out there. In my close to one year experience with Shipping Easy, they’ve met my needs all the way and support was great in response time and excellent in solving whatever issue I had going. I also found them very open to suggestions and tweaks, and saw some of them make into the production. You won’t go wrong if you decide to use their service.” -Gary at Notegeist


Trash Amps

“@ShippingEasy we totally love you! You make our business run beautifully, so we can spend more time playing music and being outside. :)” -Adam at Trash Amps



“ShippingEasy is the best shipping solution we have ever implemented into our ecommerce shop. It integrates our different shopping platforms (ETSY, Magento, etc) all into one place. The ability to print pick lists and invoices straight from ShippingEasy and the fact that once you have shipped your orders ShippingEasy marks your orders as completed within each ecommerce platform has saved us a lot of valuable time. But one of the best parts about ShippingEasy (besides their easy to use app) is that they actually answer the phone with a live person! No waiting, no redirecting, your questions are answered immediately. By far the best customer service I have ever experienced with a shipping service.” -The team at kidecals


Santa Cruz Vapes

I received help from Sarah today. She is amazing! Very helpful and knows her shipping stuff! Your system is great and I am so glad I switched from one of your competitors. Thank you!” -Ryan at Santa Cruz Vapes


Ruffled Paper

“I feel like switching to ShippingEasy has been one of the best administrative decisions I’ve made for my business. Using this service has allowed me to spend more time working on improving my business instead of all of the endless hours I spent shipping! It is worth the investment and the customer service is outstanding!” -Jessica at Ruffled Paper


MySelf Belts

“I am so grateful to the team at Shipping Easy! Their customer service team has been amazing to work with as we prepared for our airing on Shark Tank and had some issues that had to be handled quickly. Incredibly friendly staff, good listeners, and thoughtful assistance- I can’t say enough positive words about every experience I have had over the past 6 months of doing business with Shipping Easy. I am always struck by how quickly a “human” answers the phone and is ready to assist. Thank you Madilynn and Matthew!” Talia at MySelf Belts


Agnes & Dora

“I am so busy but wouldn’t feel good about not taking a few minutes to send a quick reply! I am so impressed with the ENTIRE webflow of ShippingEasy! Everything is so simple, tons of features (I have yet to find something that isn’t available), and my favorite part about it is that it learns as you continue to ship. We’ve gotten to a point where we have quickship scenarios for every possible order that comes in!
I would have to say on top of all that, my favorite part of shippingeasy is the chat feature and the support docs available. Everything is detailed but if you need help, you can easily start a chat, and someone like Taylor will jump on and quickly asses the question, and give you info as well as docs available to reference to!” -Chance at Agnes and Dora



“VapoRider has been using ShippingEasy’s services for about 5 months now for our eCommerce site, and it has been a godsend! we handle hundreds of orders a day and this would not be possible without the help of SE. streamlined processing and an easy to understand interface that integrated with our WooCommerce site painlessly, the folks at ShippingEasy help us offer our customers the topnotch customer service that they deserve. along with a quality shipping platform, I also have to mention the wonderful customer service/support team, who have always been of great help resolving any issues or providing instruction for the many features they offer. if your business is web-based and you rely on shipping your product to your customers, ShippingEasy is THE way to go. thanks again guys for the fantastic service! 10/10, would shipeasy again.” -Zack at Vaporider


Magnesol USA

“Magnesol USA is a very happy customer of ShippingEasy! Shipping logistics has drastically improved solely because of ShippingEasy services. What used to take me a solid few hours, now takes me less than 10 minutes. Such a no-brainer, wish I would have found ShippingEasy a few years ago. Thanks to the great customer service team, they are truly awesome.” -Ed at Magnesol USA


gluten-free girl

We’ve been sending out hundreds of boxes of our gluten-free flour for the Kickstarter backers every day. 200 more to go and then we go live with our online store. This week! My life has been made easier by ShippingEasy. (Not a paid mention. They’re the only program I tried that I like!) and by Danny and good friends helping. Soon, you can buy gluten-free flour from us too.” -Shauna at gluten-free girl


Hypergiant Industries

“I absolutely love ShippingEasy. I spend countless hours every day shipping out packages on behalf of different clients and ShippingEasy and their wonderful support staff make my life much easier. Without the time I save from using ShippingEasy I don’t think I would have the time to grow my business and get more clients. Not only is the system itself great, but the support staff is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks ShippingEasy!” -Jake at Hypergiant Industries


Country Life Outfitters

ShippingEasy has saved our company hours and money by making the shipping so simple. Print one priority label using just one click plus save $.10 a package. They also have great customer service that are on top of any request we may have. We recommend Shipping Easy to everyone that wants to save time and money shipping. Thank you.” -James at Country Life Outfitters


Urban Stitched

“I love ShippingEasy. I move a lot of product on a monthly basis and I found myself spending way too many hours ‘trying’ to get tracking numbers, fulfill orders etc. Time is money! It wasn’t until they found me that I jumped right on board. It was a no brainer how simplified it is. I can honestly say I LOVE shipping now when in the past I dreaded it. I highly suggest ShippingEasy!” –Amanda at Urban Stitched



“It took four times longer to manage shipments with Paypal and it cost three times as much to ship with Ordoro. ShippingEasy is also a customer service dream because it can be accessed remotely from virtually anywhere. This has been great for those emergency address updates. Good luck doing that with bulky desktop apps. ShippingEasy wins.” –Jeff at Vapes.com

Four Star Eventing Gear's Review of ShippingEasy

Four Star Eventing Gear

“Four Star Eventing Gear sells high end equestrian equipment all over the world. We rely on the ShippingEasy plugin for WooCommerce to save us time and money. This is not a fulfillment service, it’s a tool to help you be more efficient at shipping your own products. This plugin does not display shipping options / costs to your customers, you must have other plugins for that.” – Carl at Four Star Eventing Gear


Hyperion Academy

“I highly recommend ShippingEasy to anyone who wants to make their fulfillment process faster and easier. The system has made my life a lot easier while also saving me money on shipping costs. Anytime that I have had any issues or questions their customer support has gone above and beyond my expectations to make sure that I was taken care of. Knowing that someone is there to help makes me feel much more comfortable and secure as a retailer.” – Brandon at Hyperion Academy

Infinity Life's Review of ShippingEasy

Infinity Life

“ShippingEasy has been a smooth and straightforward major time-saver. It smoothes out the entire shipping process, allowing me to get my product to the customer as easily as I can imagine. Shipping Easy allows me to ship internationally without difficulty, print my labels and packing slips in bulk, and keep all my orders neatly organized. I was able to integrate Shipping Easy into my woocommerce in one attempt, since then it has been flowing perfectly. I now give my customers a professional shipping experience, every step of the way from the email notification to the package’s arrival. Shipping is no longer a complicated, confusing task, it’s smooth and straightforward.” -Nathan at Infinity Life