Etsy Customer Testimonials



ShippingEasy is WAY better than my previous shipping services. The postage is cheaper, the system is easy to navigate, and it’s very easy to use. I also love that it pulls in my orders from all 3 of my shops so I don’t have to copy/paste all of the order information or shipping addresses. I’m loving ShippingEasy!!” -Lauren at StartLivingOily


Cherished Impressions Boutique

I love that I can do a live chat and not have to wait on hold for someone to talk to me. I love how they give me links to help me figure out the problem, and I like how easy this shipping station is compared to my last one.” -Shea at Cherished Impressions Boutique


Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles

“We <3 ShippingEasy! Aside from the great savings, the customer service is the best. We couldn’t do what we do – as well as we do it – without them :)” -The team at Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles 


Littlest Prince Couture

ShippingEasy is amazing! We’ve saved so much time with generating labels and money with discounted postage rates (and the money we save by saving time!) and their customer service is incredible! We’ve sent over 15,000 packages using their service now, and I really don’t know how we would run our business without them!” -Tamara at Littlest Prince Couture



“ShippingEasy is the best shipping solution we have ever implemented into our ecommerce shop. It integrates our different shopping platforms (ETSY, Magento, etc) all into one place. The ability to print pick lists and invoices straight from ShippingEasy and the fact that once you have shipped your orders ShippingEasy marks your orders as completed within each ecommerce platform has saved us a lot of valuable time. But one of the best parts about ShippingEasy (besides their easy to use app) is that they actually answer the phone with a live person! No waiting, no redirecting, your questions are answered immediately. By far the best customer service I have ever experienced with a shipping service.” -The team at kidecals


Inkling Scents

“@ShippingEasy @avalara Thanks ShippingEasy! We use your service everyday -love it!” -Tiffany at Inkling Scents


Emily’s Party Designs

ShippingEasy es lo mejor para mi tienda en internet, ya no tengo que ir a la oficina de correos para enviar las ordenes a mis clientes. Con el servicio de ShippingEasy puedo imprimir los labels de mis clientes desde mi casa, ahorro tiempo y dinero. El servicio de ayuda para clientes es excelente, Isabel muy servicial y amable. Los recomiendo 100%. Gracias ShippingEasy!” -Liz at Emily’s Party Designs


“Shipping Easy Rocks! Since integrating our Big commerce store with ShippingEasy shipping orders have become a breeze. Their fully integrated application works great! What we like most, it saves us time & money. Customer service is always friendly & willing to help us solve any issue we might run into. What more could we ask for! A+ all around from your friends at” -Brett at


Beauty Cafe

“Beauty Cafe is definitely one very happy ShippingEasy customer! You’ve made my shipping life so much easier and dare I say “almost” fun? 🙂 Thank you Rachael for your fabulous customer service! It’s so nice and refreshing to work with a company that actually listens to their customers. Now if y’all would only develop your own shopping cart and accounting package 🙂 Thanks again!!” -Lisa at Beauty Cafe


Savanna Hill

THANK YOU Shipping Easy for making shipping just that — Easy! Keeping the plates in the air with our home based business, 4 kids, dishes & laundry galore can be tricky. But ShippingEasy has made the BIGGEST difference! What used to take 2 hours a day takes less than 10 minutes!” -Jenine at Savanna Hill


“ has become the backbone of our online business and one of the main reasons of our growing success during the past two years. This is an outstanding cloud software with all the features needed to easily fulfill, manage, and track your orders from a multitude of ecommerce platforms; backed by a superb team of professionals that are always enhancing the software to make your work easier and save you time. Great support staff: Always there to help with any issues you may have. Thank You Shippingeasy. You guys are awesome.” -Eddie Gonzalez at


Handmade by Samantha

“With all the daily to dos of being a stay at home mom mixed with the list of to dos for my growing business I am always looking for ways to be more organized and save time. ShippingEasy has done just that for Handmade By Samantha. My business & family thanks you ShippingEasy!” -Samantha at Handmade by Samantha


The Bearded Bee

“The Bearded Bee loves ShippingEasy! Great product for an e-commerce shipper!!” -Brian at The Bearded Bee



“I love how easy ShippingEasy really is! I was a little afraid of changing, but after a busy Christmas season, I was HOOKED! Thank You for all your fantastic customer support.” -Sharon at UN-CoRK’d-ART 


Beads and Dangles

“I switched from ShipStation about a month ago and could not be happier with Shipping Easy! The tech support is fantastic and the app is very easy to use. We had it set up in a matter of minutes. I only print labels using a Dymo LabelWriter 4XL and the techs worked with me until we got the ConnectEasy feature working correctly with my Mac computer. The best part is that I have all three marketplaces for the same fee of only $29 (ShipStation wanted $25 per marketplace!). If you are thinking about a new shipping program, give this one a try!” – Marji with Beads and Dangles


So Gloss

“ShippingEasy leaves in the dust. I wish I had switched sooner. I have saved countless hours of uploading/downloading and pulling my hair out. Love, love, love ShippingEasy!” –Jesse at So Gloss



“I was looking for app to integrate with my account and found ShippingEasy started using in May and it has been amazing! User friendly! Best customer service on planet! I use to have to type all my labels by hand all day now with few clicks Ta-dah and all done! Wonderful company and service. I would highly recommend.” -Snizhana at AngelSale LLC


Landee Designs

“We immediately fell in love with the product as it was being introduced to us. As we went through the detailed training we couldn’t believe we had been operating without this program. As moms working at home our time is valuable and worth a lot. The TIME & MONEY we will save is unmeasurable! We had sold some of our items on daily deals sites and were ready to stop because the shipping was such a pain. This came at the perfect time! Our only regret is that we didn’t sign up a year ago!” –Landee at Landee Designs


The Country Marketplace

“I tried several other online shipping services before happening upon Shipping Easy. I have to say that they are by far the most user friendly service that I have tried. They import all of my Etsy orders and all I do is print the label with the carrier I choose. They even update the order status in Etsy and send the customer an email notification once an order ships.  I absolutely love the service and look forward to growing my business with Shipping Easy. Thank You!!” –AJ at The Country Marketplace

Halo Collective

“With finally perfecting my long rigorous routine of collecting and shipping orders from and other flash deal sites I must say I was hesitant to switch to a new shipping program. One of the main reasons being that I have 100’s of orders shipping per month and who has the time to learn something new?! But after reviewing the platform for what seemed like 2 minutes with my rep I was sold. With this being said boy am I glad I made the switch! Shippingeasy is not only so easy to navigate and customize to my needs but it collects the orders and info for me in live time! My favorite part, which other shipping programs seem to lack, is the ease of reprinting labels! On top of all this the customer service is AMAZING! I can’t say enough good about Shippingeasy.” –Karissa from Halo Collective

Body Decor Boutique

“My experience with ShippingEasy was outstanding! Matt contacted me a couple of times and I finally had to pause and say what is this all about? He just wouldn’t give up! Well now I know what it is all about and I couldn’t be happier! This is a new product for my company and we are already saving money PLUS our shipping time was cut in half! I’m glad to be on board with such an awesome company and I look forward to being a loyal client of ShippingEasy…where shipping is really made EASY! – T. Seals at Body Decor Boutique

White Elm Boutique

“ShippingEasy has cut down on the time I spend preparing shipments. It automatically imports my sales from my eBay and Etsy stores, and I can import a .CSV for daily deals. Any other sales I have are super easy to input manually using the “paste and parse” feature. I’m able to save my preferences to make it go fast, which allows me to spend more time with my family and less time working!” –Laura at White Elm Boutique

Kikikins Designs

“As a new Etsy shop owner, I had been shipping my physical orders through the Post Office with hand-addressed labels.  When I opened my business up to a couple of “group deal” websites, (Jane and Sassy Steals) I was concerned about fulfillment on such large orders.  Enter Shipping Easy!  They explained their services in great detail, walked me through the signup process and provided detailed training on how to use their site.  Their representative even walked me through my first shipping fulfillment.  With the savings they offer , I was able to recoup my first month’s subscription on the first shipment fulfillment!  I highly recommend Shipping Easy.” –Shauna at Kikikins Designs

Silk Baron

“Wasted hours.  Slow-as-molasses load times.  Having to ship packages one-at-a-time.  This is how life was for me and my small business…until I was cold-called by a Shipping Easy sales rep six months ago.  While I am naturally skeptical of sales calls, my shipping situation was so inefficient and miserable that I decided to roll the dice and give it a try…

IMMEDIATELY I began to see extraordinary results!  Quick and painless integration with my Ebay, Etsy, and Volusion stores, the ability to ship multiple packages simultaneously with far fewer clicks, and VASTLY improved turnaround times!  No more feelings of being overwhelmed by so many packages to get out the door each day!  Meanwhile, the built-in USPS shipping discounts that come with a ShippingEasy account actually offset the software’s minimal monthly fee, in effect, making it FREE!  And on top of that, a super-friendly and extremely knowledgable and responsive support staff is always there to help me if I have any questions!

Look, ShippingEasy is THE key software component of my business, and I would not recommend it if I weren’t passionate about how simple and helpful it has made my life…..It is easily one of the BEST business decisions I’ve made in our 11-year history!” – Andrew at Silk Baron

Dog Collar Fancy's Review of ShippingEasy

Dog Collar Fancy

“I used to use USPS, and since like so many other websites, we couldn’t print paid labels and have our site updated at the same time, we had to copy and paste each tracking number to each customer one by one. ShippingEasy has taken the frustration out of our day to day operations. Customer orders are listed in ShippingEasy. Print labels (USPS, UPS, FedEx. Even first class!) and customers automatically get notified that their order has shipped, along with the tracking number. Your storefront is automatically updated with the information also! You can also print packing slips. ShippingEasy – The perfect name for an easy to use program for all of your shipping needs. Thank you ShippingEasy! We are thrilled with your service!” – Dawn at Dog Collar Fancy

Skin2Spirit Testimonial of ShippingEasy


“Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful service, Shipping Easy! I love, love, love it! I am so glad someone contacted me to tell me about this service, otherwise I never would have known. I work full-time and also have my business which takes up the rest of my time, so saving even an hour a day is huge for me. This service has combined my Volusion web site, Etsy store and my Amazon store all into one easy shipping system so that I don’t have to log into each one every day to print my labels and ship my products! I am so happy, thank you again.” -Kathi at Skin2Spirit

Sarah Jane Studios

Great integration with ShopifySaves me so much time! No addresses to enter by hand – goes right in and then marks orders as shipped and notifies the customer – all in one! My email to customer service was answered right away and they’ve called to make sure we’re up and running well.” –Sarah at Sarah Jane Studios


Geeky n Chic

“I would love to share that I Just LOVE ♥ ShippingEasy. This has opened a whole new range of opportunities for me and my business. As a stay at home mom selling online it’s critical that my time is used properly. This service is easy and the staff is great! I am so very glad I signed up and saving myself about 2.5-3 hours a day printing and marking labels. Now it’s done in about eight minutes.” -Teresa at Geeky & Chic