Volusion Customer Testimonials


Tamarack HTI

We recently implemented ShippingEasy to automate postage processing for our growing ecommerce business and have been pleased with the company’s web-based software and fast, friendly customer service. Once we got our standard package profiles and shipper accounts set up, processing orders is a breeze with ShippingEasy. Best of all, even standard First-Class Packages are trackable, so we don’t ever have to wonder if a package has reached its destination.” – Brenda at Tamarack HTI



“Howdy and a Very Fine Austinian Day to you, Katie May!
I was directed via a follow up email from ShippingEasy to perhaps write CEO Katie May, and thus, this email. I simply want to thank you for the wonderful product you’ve created–it has helped our shipping efficiency immensely at EcoEnclose (www.ecoenclose.com — we’re a manufacturer and distributor of ecologically-sound shipping supplies, such as corrugated boxes, mailers, tapes, papers, et cetera). Additionally, the FlatGreen pricing has been a fabulous bonus…sweeeeeet!
Furthermore, whenever I do have the need to interact with ShippingEasy customer support, your staff is always on top of the situation in a prompt and courteous fashion…me gusta! It’s wonderful to have people like that on your team, I’m sure. Specifically in this auto-generated request for me to contact you, Melody was a pleasure to hear from, informative, and diligent in response time. Yay!
My inquiry relates to being able to place our EcoEnclose logo on our shipping labels, which alas at this time is not a possibility due to some issue with Endicia. I’m sure you’re actively attempting to resolve this, and once accomplished, that will be a lovely piece of frosting to add to the ShippingEasy cake.
My condolences regarding the terrible flooding in Texas.
A big buenos dias to that marvelous, weird, beautiful capital city of Austin!” -Dave at EcoEnclose


Santa Cruz Vapes

I received help from Sarah today. She is amazing! Very helpful and knows her shipping stuff! Your system is great and I am so glad I switched from one of your competitors. Thank you!” -Ryan at Santa Cruz Vapes


Elk Ridge Reamer Rentals

ShippingEasy, has been Great to simplify our shipping needs, as we are a Rental Company and print labels for the return shipping as well. There Product Team has always responded to request or problems vary fast usually in under 24HR, but in most case they are the one telling us that there is a potential problem. I would highly recommend them to any one that is looking for a hassle free shipping solution.” -Joel at Elk Ridge Reamer Rentals


Mambino Organics

“First of all I must say I am so lucky to have found shippingeasy.com. Why? Because it makes my work so much easier. At first I thought…well these guys must be similar to stamps.com which is 1 step above USPS official website. Little did I know that Shipping Easy would make not only my life easier when it comes to shipping hundreds of web orders per week but it will also make it fun experience. Now we have this game and challenge ourselves how fast we can make shipping label, print packing list and put it on the box…it takes few seconds. We laugh now and since it was absolutely a nightmare before. Shipping Easy is one truly brilliant idea that comes once in a while and once you discover it you never go back to the old days. Besides that its fun making shipping labels and did I say it saves probably at least few hundred $ per month. And the customer service is 100% excellent. Because they CARE. You can have the most brilliant product but if the support is not there…anyway if you are reading this go for it…just don’t delay in improving your shipping life any longer.” -Maki at Mambino Organics


Make More Cents

“ShippingEasy has really streamlined our shipping processes. Before ShippingEasy we would have to process FedEx and USPS shipments separately. Finding the most economical or fastest shipping method was also a time consuming process. Now we can compare pricing and delivery times quickly using ShippingEasy. The ability to process both USPS and FedEx shipments and automatically send shipping notifications as reduced our shipping processing time by over 50%.” -Chris at Make More Cents


Elite Dresses

Working with Shipping Easy is simply a pleasure all the time. I always get the answers I need whether on chat or by phone and the Customer Service Reps and very helpful and always providing the necessary resources needed to get the job done. You have really listened to my suggestions and I love how much more simple you guys are making shipping our orders out to be. If I stumble, I know how to contact you which always makes the job get done in a breeze.” -Valerie at Elite Dresses


Jump Rope Technologies

“I am very happy with ShippingEasy and their customer support. They make resolving third party issues, such as those with QuickBooks, easy. Most other companies are too bureaucratic and send you all over the place, expecting someone else to solve the problem. Thank you for taking responsibility with your customers!” – Anna with Jump Rope Technologies, Inc


Jantz Supply

“Customer Service is great! Very helpful and always on top of things, as well as very friendly! I despised my other shipping site, and my co-workers constantly heard my complaint, but they don’t hear those anymore!! ShippingEasy is truly, shipping made EASY!! Thank you!!” – Trudy at Jantz Supply Inc.


The Crazy Dazy

The Crazy Dazy has been using ShippingEasy for about 6 months now. We have not had any trouble until a few weeks ago. For some reason I was unable to print labels using “Quick print”. I printed a different way for a couple of days before I remembered that I could just ask for help in Live Chat. I got on there and explained my problem and they went right to work trying to fix the problem. We tried a few different things on my end and it still didn’t work so I was told that they would work on it on there end and get back to me. I was very surprised to receive an email the next day letting me know what they had found out. After a couple email’s back and forth and one phone call we got the problem fixed! I am very happy that I am able to get back to printing labels fast! The best thing was a week after getting the problem fixed a received a follow up email to make sure everything was working good! I am very pleased with the customer service at ShippingEasy! Hope to say with them a very long time!” –Bekah at The Crazy Dazy


Optimal Health Network

“We primarily use USPS and prior to ShippingEasy used the USPS website to handle the orders. We had so many problems. Slow server, crashes of their site and just the slow process of individually handling each customer. ShippingEasy has made the shipping process – dare I say – enjoyable?

Everything just works! Quickly, seamlessly and new additions keep being added to make it even more user friendly.

Shipping Easy support staff has been phenomenal….Our rep, Tessa is the best – always so friendly, helpful and not the least bit put off by a beginner with some newbie questions.

It’s also nice to see ShippingEasy keep improving its business. I was delighted to see the new DASHBOARD – its AWESOME!! I was doing that by hand and one day see it’s all being done for me.

Thanks so much for being an integral part of our success. We hope the same success for you.” –Beth at Optimal Health Network


Diamond Essence

“Shipping easy has simplified the way Diamond Essence manages shipping and logistics. It truly has lived up to the name “shipping easy”! Our costs have reduced significantly and we are able to offer free Shipping options to a larger group of customers. The entire shipping process has become faster due to the batch processing and label combination abilities. We have also seen a sustained savings on stationary costs!  Our customers are happy with the return label processing. Consistent efforts by shipping easy team to improve their system has helped us leverage our business resources and utilize it most efficiently.  Refunds and Label cancellation process is now very easy compared to other solutions earlier and as a result our errors and wastage is minimal!” – Monali at Diamond Essence


All Inspired Boutique

“We have found ShippingEasy to be extremely efficient at calculating and paying for postage and creating shipping labels.  The shipping information automatically syncs with our Volusion store, so with most of our shipments, we are able to pay the postage and create a label in a matter of seconds.  We are very happy to have found ShippingEasy!” – Walt at All Inspired Boutique


Dynamic Discs

“Dynamic Discs has been in business since 2005 and we recently switched to Shipping Easy to handle shipping our orders from our online store through Volusion. It has been great! Shipping is much easier and much quicker now. I would definitely recommend Shipping Easy!” – Kyle at Dynamic Discs


Cuyahoga Valley Candle

“What an improvement over Stamps.com.  Well, what’s the word to use, let’s just say FAST!  Customer service is amazing, never have to wait for support.  As we all know in the e-commerce business service is everything and ShippingEasy delivers.  Thanks for a great program!” – Rick at Cuyahoga Valley Candle


Remotes and Keys

“Wow, thanks!  You’ve cut our shipping time by at least 40%.  And the name ShippingEasy doesn’t do justice to how easy it now is. ” – Jason at Remotes and Keys


Medical Care Alert

“Shipping Easy has made our process far easier and is definitely saving us time and money. Prior to switching to Shipping Easy, we had tried OrderCup, Stamps.com and USPS Click N Ship – all were cumbersome and offered zero customer support. The team at Shipping easy has been really helpful, returns calls and emails quickly, and is open to suggestions about product and process improvements. We are definitely paying less for postage and shipping since moving over to Shipping Easy. The integration with Volusion is far superior to any other shipping platform we have tested. We had good over the phone training with screen sharing that made it really easy to learn, and got us up and running quickly. Your competitors don’t do this – they leave you to figure it out on your own. Our clients who order a lifesaving system at MedicalCareAlert.com expect their addresses and shipments to be exactly right every time. We have very high standards and are very demanding…and are happy to endorse Shipping Easy.” – Bryan at Medical Care Alert


Mako Spearguns

“Shipping Easy has been a tremendous asset for us.  It now allows us to process and ship orders much faster with UPS.  We were previously using UPS World Ship, in which all of the information had to be entered manually.  This takes a lot of time when shipping over 50 packages per day.  With ShippingEasy, everything is already tied into the system and the time it takes to process and ship orders has been dramatically reduced.  This allows us to get much more work done and focus more attention elsewhere.  Thanks ShippingEasy!” –Brad at Mako Spearguns

Southeastern Medical Supply

Shipping has been made easy with Shipping Easy. We’ve saved both time and money with features like: automatic API data transfer of both UPS and USPS order shipping information, automatic entry of : 1) shipping tracking info and 2) order “shipped” status after label generation and the most competitive shipper rates available.”-Cedric at Southeastern Medical Supply

Girlfriend Galas' Review of ShippingEasy

Girlfriend Galas

“We receive so many sales calls, and it’s difficult to distinguish between the real deal and more of the same. We are happy we took the time this time. We were able to give it a try without any risk and with no long-term commitment. We are fresh out of the gate with Shipping Easy – in fact – we haven’t even cancelled our old shipping service yet, but it’s still already worth commenting on. We have been using both services, in an effort to use up remaining credit with our other shipper. The difference is unbelievable. Shipping Easy makes so much more sense for us and is super easy to use. We have yet to introduce First Class Mail with tracking which wasn’t an option for us before – hello, savings! We can’t wait to get that going. And returns – this was one of the main reasons we decided to try it out. No additional cost and the ability to email the labels to the customer – it’s a must have and we are excited to implement this feature. The fact is, we are looking ahead at our scalability and we have to have partners that can work with us as we grow. We don’t have the luxury of chucking an old system each and every time we experience a growth spurt. We need to already have the systems in place. We are confident that Shipping Easy is our new, long term shipping partner. And, they walked us through the simple set up process and have been there for us every step of the way. We would recommend them to anyone who asked, and as a Volusion store, we can say that the integration is seamless. We are excited to move forward!” –Joli at Girlfriend Galas

Silk Baron

“Wasted hours.  Slow-as-molasses load times.  Having to ship packages one-at-a-time.  This is how life was for me and my small business…until I was cold-called by a Shipping Easy sales rep six months ago.  While I am naturally skeptical of sales calls, my shipping situation was so inefficient and miserable that I decided to roll the dice and give it a try…

IMMEDIATELY I began to see extraordinary results!  Quick and painless integration with my Ebay, Etsy, and Volusion stores, the ability to ship multiple packages simultaneously with far fewer clicks, and VASTLY improved turnaround times!  No more feelings of being overwhelmed by so many packages to get out the door each day!  Meanwhile, the built-in USPS shipping discounts that come with a ShippingEasy account actually offset the software’s minimal monthly fee, in effect, making it FREE!  And on top of that, a super-friendly and extremely knowledgable and responsive support staff is always there to help me if I have any questions!

Look, ShippingEasy is THE key software component of my business, and I would not recommend it if I weren’t passionate about how simple and helpful it has made my life…..It is easily one of the BEST business decisions I’ve made in our 11-year history!” – Andrew at Silk Baron

Dog Collar Fancy's Review of ShippingEasy

Dog Collar Fancy

“I used to use USPS, and since like so many other websites, we couldn’t print paid labels and have our site updated at the same time, we had to copy and paste each tracking number to each customer one by one. ShippingEasy has taken the frustration out of our day to day operations. Customer orders are listed in ShippingEasy. Print labels (USPS, UPS, FedEx. Even first class!) and customers automatically get notified that their order has shipped, along with the tracking number. Your storefront is automatically updated with the information also! You can also print packing slips. ShippingEasy – The perfect name for an easy to use program for all of your shipping needs. Thank you ShippingEasy! We are thrilled with your service!” – Dawn at Dog Collar Fancy

A-Maze-N Products Review of ShippingEasy

A-MAZE-N Products

“I was previously with another service, and had nothing but issue after issue. Their servers crashed on the busiest shipping day of the year! I swore never to use them again, and started looking at some other options. I found ShippingEasy and haven’t regretted it for a single minute!!

You get talk to real people when you call in to customer service. You don’t have to wait 24 hours for an answer, so you’re up and running again quickly. Great Company to deal with and I HIGHLY recommend their services!!” – Todd at A-MAZE-N Products

Skin2Spirit Testimonial of ShippingEasy


“Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful service, Shipping Easy! I love, love, love it! I am so glad someone contacted me to tell me about this service, otherwise I never would have known. I work full-time and also have my business which takes up the rest of my time, so saving even an hour a day is huge for me. This service has combined my Volusion web site, Etsy store and my Amazon store all into one easy shipping system so that I don’t have to log into each one every day to print my labels and ship my products! I am so happy, thank you again.” -Kathi at Skin2Spirit

Rainbow Turtle

“I just wanted to let shipping easy know how happy I am. We had been using Stamps.com for the last 10 years and I was very used to it and was a bit hesitant to change to a new system. But I decided to give it a go and WOW! was I ever surprised. It is so much faster, easier to use, less expensive and I don’t have to have so many programs on my computer that just tends to slow it down. I would also like to mention that I stopped shipping international shipments because of the hassle but I have added back international shipping to our Volusion website www.rainbowturtle.com because with shipping easy it has taken the hassle out and in no time I can create labels for international shipments. Thanks shipping easy for your great product and wonderful support team.” –Rainbow at Rainbow Turtle