Jane.com Customer Testimonials


Cherished Impressions Boutique

I love that I can do a live chat and not have to wait on hold for someone to talk to me. I love how they give me links to help me figure out the problem, and I like how easy this shipping station is compared to my last one.” -Shea at Cherished Impressions Boutique


Littlest Prince Couture

ShippingEasy is amazing! We’ve saved so much time with generating labels and money with discounted postage rates (and the money we save by saving time!) and their customer service is incredible! We’ve sent over 15,000 packages using their service now, and I really don’t know how we would run our business without them!” -Tamara at Littlest Prince Couture


Inkling Scents

“@ShippingEasy @avalara Thanks ShippingEasy! We use your service everyday -love it!” -Tiffany at Inkling Scents


So Kali

“We have had a wonderful experience using your program. It has certainly streamline our shipping process. It’s extremely easy to use and the interface saves us countless hours, cutting our overhead cost and best utilizing our staff to fill orders vs spending countless ours printing labels and uploading data.” -Maggie at So Kali


Savanna Hill

THANK YOU Shipping Easy for making shipping just that — Easy! Keeping the plates in the air with our home based business, 4 kids, dishes & laundry galore can be tricky. But ShippingEasy has made the BIGGEST difference! What used to take 2 hours a day takes less than 10 minutes!” -Jenine at Savanna Hill


Ruffled Paper

“I feel like switching to ShippingEasy has been one of the best administrative decisions I’ve made for my business. Using this service has allowed me to spend more time working on improving my business instead of all of the endless hours I spent shipping! It is worth the investment and the customer service is outstanding!” -Jessica at Ruffled Paper


Handmade by Samantha

“With all the daily to dos of being a stay at home mom mixed with the list of to dos for my growing business I am always looking for ways to be more organized and save time. ShippingEasy has done just that for Handmade By Samantha. My business & family thanks you ShippingEasy!” -Samantha at Handmade by Samantha



“I love how easy ShippingEasy really is! I was a little afraid of changing, but after a busy Christmas season, I was HOOKED! Thank You for all your fantastic customer support.” -Sharon at UN-CoRK’d-ART 


Unfinished Wood Co.

“When our company began to sell at high volumes on deal sites, it became clear that the shipping method we were using would not be effective. It was taking countless hours and more manpower than we had to fulfill our orders efficiently. Luckily, Shippingeasy contacted us for a trial run. We decided to give it a try and have been very happy ever since. We are able to create and print our labels quickly and it is simple to upload tracking numbers and keep track of our shipping history. Their customer service and desire to constantly improve their product make Shippingeasy a true time-saver.” –Anne at Unfinished Wood Co.


Blossom Bargains

“In running a home based e-commerce business – my husband working full time and me home with 3 small kids during the day, we are always insanely busy every night working on the website, ordering new products, and fulfilling orders!   We are thrilled that business is great and when we work with deal sites like Jane.com and some others, our order loads can sometimes be in the thousands each week.  We had gotten into a system, albeit not that efficient, when shipping our packages.  Because our time is so precious at night when we work, I was very hesitant to consider any new method of shipping as I feared we would get days behind on processing orders and our other work while trying to learn the new system.  I’m so thankful that I decided to give ShippingEasy a shot because the first time we used it, we were both blown away at the ease of processing.  Getting our orders together in batches, processing labels all at once, and uploading tracking to the deal sites is a HUGE time saver! Like anything else, there was a slight learning curve, but all of the support folks at Shipping Easy were insanely helpful and had accurate information ready to go every time we had a question.  A small home based business that intends to continue to grow can’t afford not to use this service!” – Charlene at Blossom Bargains


Ooh La La Printables

“I started my business in 2010 and decided to get some additional exposure for my shop by selling on sites like Jane.com. Within the past few months, orders were really coming in which equated to spending hours processing orders, with the shipment of the product being the most time consuming. I have always been a creature of habit, doing things my way with the mentality of ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Boy was I wrong. I was contacted by Shipping Easy after one of my deals and just brushed it to the side thinking it was another company trying to push their product on me. After much persistence from my sales rep, I gave it a shot and it truly has saved me hours of time with every order. The orders automatically appear, ready to be shipped. I group them together, input the shipping data, and print all of my orders at the same time. If you value your time, this is the company for you!” – Tabatha at Ooh La La Printables


Expressive Boutique

“I used Stamps.com and was hesitant about switching because the rates were the same and I did not have time to learn a new shipping software. I finally did switch with the limited time offer and it was SO EASY! I am so happy with the change, it has cut my shipping time in more than half. If you are questioning the switch, do it!” – Katie at Expressive Boutique


So Gloss

“ShippingEasy leaves Stamps.com in the dust. I wish I had switched sooner. I have saved countless hours of uploading/downloading and pulling my hair out. Love, love, love ShippingEasy!” –Jesse at So Gloss


Pearls and Piggytails

ShippingEasy has changed our lives to say the least! We have never worked on a system that is so user friendly. The customer services is AMAZING and we are so glad we made this transition and will never be going back! Our company sells in mass amounts on daily deal sites liken Jane.com and ShippingEasy made the process of fulfilling orders easier than we could have even imagined. We are able to do so many things with this system and make it specific to our company’s needs and how we prefer to process orders. This is a life saver and I would tell anyone – you are missing out if you are not using ShippingEasy!!!!” –Casie at Pearls and Piggytails



“I was looking for app to integrate with my Jane.com account and found ShippingEasy started using in May and it has been amazing! User friendly! Best customer service on planet! I use to have to type all my labels by hand all day now with few clicks Ta-dah and all done! Wonderful company and service. I would highly recommend.” -Snizhana at AngelSale LLC


Landee Designs

“We immediately fell in love with the product as it was being introduced to us. As we went through the detailed training we couldn’t believe we had been operating without this program. As moms working at home our time is valuable and worth a lot. The TIME & MONEY we will save is unmeasurable! We had sold some of our items on daily deals sites and were ready to stop because the shipping was such a pain. This came at the perfect time! Our only regret is that we didn’t sign up a year ago!” –Landee at Landee Designs


Sew Southern Designs

“We love ShippingEasy for all of our shipping needs. They integrate well with all of the websites we use to sell our products. Jane.com was one website we were having to hand write and ship each item individually through the post office. Now we just print off our labels at our store, box the product, and schedule a pick up. All of the addresses are imported into the postage program. No more entering addresses. Plus they save our items, so we no longer have to re-enter an item we have already sold. Great product! I would recommend it for any small business for all your shipping needs.” –Jenna at Sew Southern Designs

Halo Collective

“With finally perfecting my long rigorous routine of collecting and shipping orders from jane.com and other flash deal sites I must say I was hesitant to switch to a new shipping program. One of the main reasons being that I have 100’s of orders shipping per month and who has the time to learn something new?! But after reviewing the platform for what seemed like 2 minutes with my rep I was sold. With this being said boy am I glad I made the switch! Shippingeasy is not only so easy to navigate and customize to my needs but it collects the orders and info for me in live time! My favorite part, which other shipping programs seem to lack, is the ease of reprinting labels! On top of all this the customer service is AMAZING! I can’t say enough good about Shippingeasy.” –Karissa from Halo Collective

Kikikins Designs

“As a new Etsy shop owner, I had been shipping my physical orders through the Post Office with hand-addressed labels.  When I opened my business up to a couple of “group deal” websites, (Jane and Sassy Steals) I was concerned about fulfillment on such large orders.  Enter Shipping Easy!  They explained their services in great detail, walked me through the signup process and provided detailed training on how to use their site.  Their representative even walked me through my first shipping fulfillment.  With the savings they offer , I was able to recoup my first month’s subscription on the first shipment fulfillment!  I highly recommend Shipping Easy.” –Shauna at Kikikins Designs

Darling Dottie

“ShippingEasy has made my shipping just that….EASY!  I am able to process 100’s of shipments in half the time (or less!) than what it was taking me before. The support is great, too, they got me up and running in no time and answer all of my questions. Besides the streamlined process of creating labels, I love that I can easily print return labels and duplicate labels as well as search for previous shipments. Making labels and shipping packages is the most hectic part of ecommerce and flash sales…it’s nice to have a tool that makes it easier to get done in a timely manner!” – Brooke at Darling Dottie

AMC Boutique

“Since switching from Ordoro, ShippingEasy has lived up to its name.  As the business has continued to grow, we are able to easily keep pace by integrating ShippingEasy with our business site in addition to our deals featured on Jane.com.  This has allowed us to ship hundreds of orders a day with newfound ease. ” – Julia at AMC Boutique

Piper Street

“ShippingEasy has allowed us to enjoy our business again! When we sold our clothing on Flash Sale sites like Jane.com, we dreaded the shipping process so much and wondered how we could keep up with all of our orders. Once we started using ShippingEasy our business became a joy again! Now we can focus on designing a spring line and creating a great experience for our customers.” –Sarah at Piper Street


Make Me Grin

“Being fairly new to Jane.com, we were terrified to figure out how to tackle the shipping. ShippingEasy made shipping packages a breeze!!  I am so thankful for ShippingEasy and their amazing customer service. Anytime I’ve had a question, the customer service team has been knowledgeable and so helpful.  I never knew shipping could be done in such a user friendly way! The app and the team have eased so much anxiety for me and my business. We will use ShippingEasy forever!” – Corie at Make Me Grin

Simply Sage Market

“ShippingEasy has really impacted our business!  We were hesitant on switching, but since we made the switch we haven’t looked back.  ShippingEasy is just that, super easy to use and saves us so much time!  The majority of our shipping we do through daily deal sites like Jane.com and Groopdealz and the process of importing and exporting all the orders is a piece of cake!  We would recommend ShippingEasy to anyone that wants to cut down on their processing time.” –Tyson at Simply Sage Market


Geeky n Chic

“I would love to share that I Just LOVE ♥ ShippingEasy. This has opened a whole new range of opportunities for me and my business. As a stay at home mom selling online it’s critical that my time is used properly. This service is easy and the staff is great! I am so very glad I signed up and saving myself about 2.5-3 hours a day printing and marking labels. Now it’s done in about eight minutes.” -Teresa at Geeky & Chic