Bigcommerce Customer Testimonials

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Big Island Coffee Roasters

“ShippingEasy has been a great asset for Big Island Coffee Roasters. Being a small farm, we rely on efficiency (because, let’s be honest, farming’s not meant to be efficient). Using ShippingEasy has saved us postage fees + time in hunting around for the best rates available. So we’re happy to continue growing together! Mahalo and cheers from the farm!” -Kelleigh from Big Island Coffee Roasters


RipTide Sports

 “I must admit to being skeptical that we would be able to afford the monthly fee for Shipping Easy as we’re still in the ‘start-up’ mode and making the tough transition to a bonafide small business but I thought I’d give it try after receiving a phone call via the joint marketing effort with Big Commerce.  I thought I would just do the one month free trial – but I am thrilled to say that I am a convert and we will definitely be staying with Shipping Easy!  The software truly is a breeze to use & is intuitive, it is saving me money and boatloads of time!  We receive orders from our website, so those orders & all their info are ‘pre-loaded’ in the system and when I need to manually add an order to ship to our Wholesale Accounts – it takes me a fraction of the time to get the label done.  All of the labels I generate come with tracking, an email with the tracking info is sent to my customers and if I need to check the status of a shipment, I can run a report or do a search in a couple of seconds and I’m linked directly to the tracking info.  I highly recommend the software and applaud Shipping Easy for making it so easy to use as well as having easily accessible and friendly folks available for when I do have a question.” -Tracey at RipTide Sports


Black N Bianco

“This company truly lives up to their name. Their service really makes the process of shipping easy! The Shippingeasy platform is easy to navigate and the customer service is outstanding. Whenever I had a question or issue their live chat support have been more the patient and willing to help. As a fellow business seeing their awesome customer support inspired me to implement a similar guideline and policy when it came to helping customers. I would highly recommend businesses of all sizes to use their shipping platform. The tools and integration are very efficient and it made the process of managing shipments a breeze.” -Lisa at Black N Bianco


Purple Peridot

We have been customers of Shipping Easy for around 2 years, and think they are absolutely great. The software is very easy to navigate, support is always top notch, and they are constantly improving integrations/functionality. Bravo!” -Meaghan at Purple Peridot


Mountain Tea

“We’ve used shippingeasy for over two years, and it has made managing two different ecommerce sites so much easier. Orders from all of our sites are sent to shippingeasy for fulfillment. Teaching someone how to use the site takes minutes. Canceling orders, splitting orders, reshipping, shippingeasy can do it all.
If I had to make one tiny suggestion, I have noticed that the shipping manifest option for bulk USPS scanning sometimes doesn’t work: maybe one out of ten times, when the sheet is printed out the scanning barcode is missing. It’s a pretty small issue, though, as our company very rarely uses it.” – Employee at Mountain Tea


Vaporizer Chief

It’s really an understatement to say that ShippingEasy has made our lives a whole lot easier. It is one of the easiest tools to use with barely any learning curve. It is has the traditional features you would look for in a shipping app and more. Before them, we were sending our vape orders out one by one and it was very time consuming. Now, we get everything finished ten times quicker and it is actually cheaper. Overall, ShippingEasy has been great for our company and we are glad to have found them.” -The team at Vaporizer Chief


Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles

“We <3 ShippingEasy! Aside from the great savings, the customer service is the best. We couldn’t do what we do – as well as we do it – without them :)” -The team at Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles 


Littlest Prince Couture

ShippingEasy is amazing! We’ve saved so much time with generating labels and money with discounted postage rates (and the money we save by saving time!) and their customer service is incredible! We’ve sent over 15,000 packages using their service now, and I really don’t know how we would run our business without them!” -Tamara at Littlest Prince Couture



“Shipping Easy has proven to be quite a value and convenience for our business. It integrates easily and well with the BigCommerce platform. And when I do have a problem or question their support has been extremely responsive.” -Stan at Larimarket


Kai Scissors

“I had an issue with how to do something with ShippingEasy, I popped onto the chat support section, and WOW, fixed me up in 30 seconds. Super support, super product.” -Jeff at Kai Scissors


Independent Vapor Company

“Your customer service staff is brilliant. Well spoken, knowledgeable and quick. Top notch.” -The team at Independent Vapor Company


High Country Hobbies

“One of my customers wanted overnight delivery of an item. I went to the post office and was given the rate of $28.85 for Priority Mail Express next day service. I returned to the shop and got the rate off Shipping Easy of $18.26. I was so shocked with the difference for the SAME service, I called Shipping Easy and asked if the two quotes were for the same service.
If the significant savings weren’t enough to persuade you to use Shipping Easy, then I would add the comment that the Shipping Easy staff is easy to get ahold of and very helpful in answering my questions.
I could not be happier with my savings through Shipping Easy and with their outstanding customer service.
-Dave at High Country Hobbies


“Shipping Easy Rocks! Since integrating our Big commerce store with ShippingEasy shipping orders have become a breeze. Their fully integrated application works great! What we like most, it saves us time & money. Customer service is always friendly & willing to help us solve any issue we might run into. What more could we ask for! A+ all around from your friends at” -Brett at


Blue Tiger USA

“Madilynn had a great idea about reprinting labels! Having more options is always better! Thanks ShippingEasy!” Seth at Blue Tiger USA


“We were one of the first users of ShippingEasy and this has saved us hours a day on shipping processing. Our staff are free to concentrate on creating a better customer service experience thanks to Shipping Easy. Thank you for such a great tool.” -The team at


Sense Asia Company

“We are very pleased with your quick & easy service. Also very impressive with your kind & useful support when we have some troubles during the time. Thanks and hope we will continue receiving your support in the future. Highly recommend!!!” -Employee at Sense Asia


Weapon Hero

“I couldn’t be happier with ShippingEasy.

Why? Speed, mind blowing customer service and pricing.

When starting my big commerce store I found ShippingEasy’s free ramp up plan to be a life saver. You can use their service for free until you get your business going….that made me a customer for life.

Mind blowing customer service? Yes…open up a chat window and chat with someone within seconds and no matter who you talk to they can help you within seconds. Good luck getting that service somewhere else.
Speed – The system is fast and very easy to use. The fact that it works with multiple computers and printers perfectly makes my shipping easy. 😉 ” -Gabe at Weapon Hero


RB Parts

“Matthew has been a great help! Had a few hiccups getting started with downloading CSV files, but he walked us through it & now it works great! Thanks!” -Evan with RB Parts


Le Boutique Shop

“I am so HAPPY that I am able to use Shipping Easy through my BigCommerce store! ShippingEasy has made my life so MUCH easier! I highly recommend them and all of their services to not only Big Commerce customers, but to everyone else that wants to have everything they provide, plus the highly accessible staff is always friendly and eager to answer my questions and you know how hard it is to get a live person most of the time from other companies. Well, not with Shipping Easy! Thank you Shipping Easy for being so amazing and extremely user friendly. 5 STAR Rating or highest!” – Elvia at Le Boutique Shop



We love Shipping Easy, great for all of our orders, domestic or international, bought online or manually entered. It is easy to use and the presets are wonderful to have on hand. I only wish you could opt for a delivered email on orders that require special attention by us to our customers!” -The team at JournalMenu


B & H Rope Halters & Equipment

“We started with Shipping Easy when they first launched and have never had second thoughts with our choice. It’s the best streamlined shipping platform we’ve ever used and their customer service is amazing! We highly recommend you give them a try.” – Amy from B & H Rope Halters & Equipment


Jamaican Oils

“Dependable and Cost Effective. We began using ShippingEasy shortly after they launched their platform. We needed the efficiency and cost-effective shipping options to stay abreast of our increasing online sales. We manage and operate 3 online stores, including our presence on Amazon Seller Central – all orders filter easily into our ShippingEasy account! The ShippingEasy “Orders” page is our 1st daily “go-to” page for a comprehensive view of what lies ahead for shipping (all the product details for each order truly helps).

We just love the growth and improvements on this platform – new options which allow us to further cut costs as well as making the shipping process easier. Customer support is top notch. Any issues are resolved in a very timely fashion and always with that personal touch that reminds us that someone on the other end really is paying attention! We continue to recommend ShippingEasy to similar businesses.” – Marie with Jamaican Products USA


Tactical Brass Recovery

“This service has allowed me to get my labels and packing slips in just a few minutes, normally it would have taken 10 to 15 to type everything out etc. with the discounted rates it makes the cost of the service a huge bargain.  I was a little leery of doing this but now I am upset I waited so long when I could have been saving time and money with ShippingEasy.” –Lew at Tactical Brass Recovery


Blossom Bargains

“In running a home based e-commerce business – my husband working full time and me home with 3 small kids during the day, we are always insanely busy every night working on the website, ordering new products, and fulfilling orders!   We are thrilled that business is great and when we work with deal sites like and some others, our order loads can sometimes be in the thousands each week.  We had gotten into a system, albeit not that efficient, when shipping our packages.  Because our time is so precious at night when we work, I was very hesitant to consider any new method of shipping as I feared we would get days behind on processing orders and our other work while trying to learn the new system.  I’m so thankful that I decided to give ShippingEasy a shot because the first time we used it, we were both blown away at the ease of processing.  Getting our orders together in batches, processing labels all at once, and uploading tracking to the deal sites is a HUGE time saver! Like anything else, there was a slight learning curve, but all of the support folks at Shipping Easy were insanely helpful and had accurate information ready to go every time we had a question.  A small home based business that intends to continue to grow can’t afford not to use this service!” – Charlene at Blossom Bargains



“I was looking for app to integrate with my account and found ShippingEasy started using in May and it has been amazing! User friendly! Best customer service on planet! I use to have to type all my labels by hand all day now with few clicks Ta-dah and all done! Wonderful company and service. I would highly recommend.” -Snizhana at AngelSale LLC



“It took four times longer to manage shipments with Paypal and it cost three times as much to ship with Ordoro. ShippingEasy is also a customer service dream because it can be accessed remotely from virtually anywhere. This has been great for those emergency address updates. Good luck doing that with bulky desktop apps. ShippingEasy wins.” –Jeff at


Nature’s Happiness

“ShippingEasy has helped us exceptionally well with our shipping fulfillment especially as our sales have increased, saving us time and money with the discounted shipping rates. Our account is seamlessly integrated with our website and multiple online marketplaces, cutting the time spent on processing shipments down by more than half. Allowing us much more time to spend catering to our own customers as they do for us. The customer service that we receive is outstanding and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, answering our questions in a matter of moments. Running an online store can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but ShippingEasy compares shipping providers and rates to make sure that we are always receiving the right kind of shipment at the lowest price possible. ShippingEasy also makes it incredibly simple to find and track orders, refund shipments, and even create customer return labels!” – Tricia at Nature’s Happiness


Syrup Supply

“ShippingEasy has helped our business substantially since we began using it. Having all of our orders and shipping history in one site allows us to save time and get more work done. We sell across three different websites and ShippingEasy syncs with every one of them from receiving orders to sending the tracking numbers out and marking orders as shipped on the corresponding site. We use to buy shipping for each order separately then update the tracking number on the correct site, one by one! It would take us an hour or two! With ShippingEasy, we are able do all orders at once, including updating tracking numbers, in just a few minutes! I don’t know how we managed without ShippingEasy before. ShippingEasy has been a real time and money saver!” –Melissa at Syrup Supply

PowerTeam Lures

“I absolutely love using ShippingEasy for my shipping needs. It’s what the name says, easy! I’ve been with them for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. The program is super easy to use, saves me a ton of time processing all my orders, and is very easy to navigate. Support has been a pleasure to deal with and has always been very efficient in resolving any issues I’ve had. I’m a customer for life and I would highly recommend this company to others.” – Katie at PowerTeam Lures

AMC Boutique

“Since switching from Ordoro, ShippingEasy has lived up to its name.  As the business has continued to grow, we are able to easily keep pace by integrating ShippingEasy with our business site in addition to our deals featured on  This has allowed us to ship hundreds of orders a day with newfound ease. ” – Julia at AMC Boutique

Skin2Spirit Testimonial of ShippingEasy


“Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful service, Shipping Easy! I love, love, love it! I am so glad someone contacted me to tell me about this service, otherwise I never would have known. I work full-time and also have my business which takes up the rest of my time, so saving even an hour a day is huge for me. This service has combined my Volusion web site, Etsy store and my Amazon store all into one easy shipping system so that I don’t have to log into each one every day to print my labels and ship my products! I am so happy, thank you again.” -Kathi at Skin2Spirit

Strong Side Tactical

”ShippingEasy was the perfect solution for our online business. The service eliminates steps, is easy to use and integrates perfectly with BigCommerce which makes it easy to stay on top of what needs to be fulfilled and what has already been fulfilled. ShippingEasy has fantastic customer service and is always available if I have a question or an issue that needs to be resolved.”  –Lewis at Strong Side Tactical