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Country Life Outfitters

ShippingEasy has saved our company hours and money by making the shipping so simple. Print one priority label using just one click plus save $.10 a package. They also have great customer service that are on top of any request we may have. We recommend Shipping Easy to everyone that wants to save time and money shipping. Thank you.” -James at Country Life Outfitters



“When I first started selling online, I was limited to the shipping options of my digital payments processor and the postal service. These options fell short in a number of ways, especially when shipping to Canada or when a heavy shipment just needed to hop over to a nearby state. Thanks to ShippingEasy, I am able to easily access all of the services offered by my carrier, including regional flat rates, making a heavy box easily go from Louisiana to Texas for under $8 — in just 2 days. No hassles with ground freight and no troubles with paying as the folks at ShippingEasy make it as simple as buying postage from Endicia with my credit card. My international customs forms can be entered on the ShippingEasy website almost as easily as using the website’s Quick Ship to post to a nearby town.

It sounds hard to improve on this, but wait, there really is more! ShippingEasy’s great reps have called me all along the way to make sure I understood all of the features they have and that I’m getting the most out of my shipping expenses. They have to do this for everybody, as I am a tiny customer just ramping up sales in his spare time and it had to cost more salary for the people’s time who helped me along the way than the profit I’m giving them. I’ve called for support and emailed for support and found both ways get quick results. Emailing is convenient if you are busy and don’t want to chat on the phone (my early morning mind isn’t up for phone chats), but the phone calls have always been answered quickly. If the person answering didn’t know the answer to my question, they’d let me know an answer would be forthcoming and didn’t put me on hold or otherwise tie up my time. Within a handful of minutes, the phone would ring with the answer provided. Top service must be their motto.

If this isn’t enough to get ShippingEasy a shot, let me close by saying it’s great how they’ve shaved more off my shipping costs than I could’ve expected. The more a shipment would’ve cost, the more I save, but even a simple legal flat rate envelope is 25¢ better than the best rate I’d gotten anywhere before, including the discounted rates at eBay.

I am looking forward to a long relationship with ShippingEasy and the wonderful reps I’ve come to think of as my professional shipping services team – and that kind of confidence means I don’t have to even think about a whole area of my business. It’s wonderful!” – Chris from 20Zen


Columbus Supply

“I have been shipping with Shipping Easy for 3 months so far. The technicians are very knowledgeable and extremely patient helping with any issue that may arise.
In the short time I have been with them, I have saved much more than my monthly fee…each month.
I was skeptical at first, but now I am a strong advocate of their company.
Although every single one of the technicians have been great, I have found Matt to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.
Thank you for everything you guys do.” -Lynn at Columbus Supply


Magnesol USA

“Magnesol USA is a very happy customer of ShippingEasy! Shipping logistics has drastically improved solely because of ShippingEasy services. What used to take me a solid few hours, now takes me less than 10 minutes. Such a no-brainer, wish I would have found ShippingEasy a few years ago. Thanks to the great customer service team, they are truly awesome.” -Ed at Magnesol USA



ShippingEasy is WAY better than my previous shipping services. The postage is cheaper, the system is easy to navigate, and it’s very easy to use. I also love that it pulls in my orders from all 3 of my shops so I don’t have to copy/paste all of the order information or shipping addresses. I’m loving ShippingEasy!!” -Lauren at StartLivingOily


Organic Mountain Farms

“Amazing!  That is the one our 1 word description for Shipping Easy.  Even the name “Shipping Easy” is an appropriate description. This application works great and we get USPS’s low corporate rate.  It takes only a few seconds to ship all of our daily orders with invoices and shipping labels.  We are very satisfied.” – Paris at Organic Mountain Farms

Passion4Mopars Review of ShippingEasy


“ShippingEasy has made the operation of shipping through Paypal payments/orders and our 3DCart website seamless, even from two different shops with two different people processing shipments! A true benefit for the business, time saving, no more cutting and pasting, it imports, click quick ship and your label is ready for downloading and printing. As a small business it benefits us greatly, I can’t imagine the time savings for a large business. Support is top notch with ShippingEasy (and US based!)” –Kim at Passion4Mopars