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FedEx Customer Testimonials


The Leotard Boutique

“We have been using ShippingEasy for over a year now. It’s easy to use & integrates with multiple channels seamlessly. I have called a few times with some questions on how-to & always received a prompt follow-up & answer to my inquiry. I also didn’t think the rates could get any better than Commercial, but when we had to upgrade to the $29/mo plan — I received better rates on Priority & Express, which has paid for the service. They always offer great tips, up-to-date info & make it easy for small business to save on shipping in every way possible.” -Melanie at The Leotard Boutique


Shopping for a Change

“I wanted to express how grateful I am that someone from your company reached out to us at the end of the summer to tell us about your services. This year we had received some great press in prominent publications and online just prior to the holidays, which impacted our sales. We are a small but growing nonprofit organization and I wear many of the hats myself, including fulfillment. I just had to let you know that I would have had a nervous breakdown without the help of your app integrated with our Shopify store. It simplified my life tremendously, and the added bonus that it can handle international shipments as well was the sweetest icing on the cake, ever! I used to struggle with all of the paperwork for customs and now I don’t have to. Easy peasy. ShippingEasy is just that!” -Stacey at Shopping for a Change


Certified Autographs

“We would like to say how pleased we are with your Customer Service here at Whenever we have a question or concern with ShippingEasy application it is always answered in a timely manner and with professionalism. I would recommend this service to anyone out there that has shipping needs. Excellent!” Dave at Certified Autographs


Elite Dresses

Working with Shipping Easy is simply a pleasure all the time. I always get the answers I need whether on chat or by phone and the Customer Service Reps and very helpful and always providing the necessary resources needed to get the job done. You have really listened to my suggestions and I love how much more simple you guys are making shipping our orders out to be. If I stumble, I know how to contact you which always makes the job get done in a breeze.” -Valerie at Elite Dresses


The Bearded Bee

“The Bearded Bee loves ShippingEasy! Great product for an e-commerce shipper!!” -Brian at The Bearded Bee


Weapon Hero

“I couldn’t be happier with ShippingEasy.

Why? Speed, mind blowing customer service and pricing.

When starting my big commerce store I found ShippingEasy’s free ramp up plan to be a life saver. You can use their service for free until you get your business going….that made me a customer for life.

Mind blowing customer service? Yes…open up a chat window and chat with someone within seconds and no matter who you talk to they can help you within seconds. Good luck getting that service somewhere else.
Speed – The system is fast and very easy to use. The fact that it works with multiple computers and printers perfectly makes my shipping easy. 😉 ” -Gabe at Weapon Hero


Make More Cents

“ShippingEasy has really streamlined our shipping processes. Before ShippingEasy we would have to process FedEx and USPS shipments separately. Finding the most economical or fastest shipping method was also a time consuming process. Now we can compare pricing and delivery times quickly using ShippingEasy. The ability to process both USPS and FedEx shipments and automatically send shipping notifications as reduced our shipping processing time by over 50%.” -Chris at Make More Cents


Elk Ridge Reamer Rentals

ShippingEasy, has been Great to simplify our shipping needs, as we are a Rental Company and print labels for the return shipping as well. There Product Team has always responded to request or problems vary fast usually in under 24HR, but in most case they are the one telling us that there is a potential problem. I would highly recommend them to any one that is looking for a hassle free shipping solution.” -Joel at Elk Ridge Reamer Rentals


Restoration Seeds

“End to end solution integrating with our Shopify store through order shipment. Reduces almost all order shipping friction, really speeds order shipment. Really great customer support! Flexible offering USPS, Fed Ex and UPS.” -Chuck at Restoration Seeds


“If it’s not too late, I would like to say that we were impressed by your friendly, fast responding and helpful support. Knowledge base is great. Proactive configuration oversight and suggestions is another handy feature, that makes shipping easier.” -Vlad at Planetarians


Squarebar, Inc.

This kind of fulfillment wouldn’t be possible without ShippingEasy… at least not being able to do it in-house with a 2 person team!” -Andrew at Squarebar, Inc.


1010 Wireless

“We’ve been using ShippingEasy for well over 6 months now! It’s been a great time saver for us and integrates with all of the channels we sell on. Everything integrates seamlessly including all orders being marked shipped and tracking info sent to the customers. The amount of time we spent on shipping was cut because we could ship all orders at once instead of doing one channel here and another on a different program. Being able to ship at USPS commercial plus prices and Fedex at the same time as been a great benefit. Great job ShippingEasy! You have a great program that keeps getting better!”- Jason at 1010 Wireless


“Shipping Easy Rocks! Since integrating our Big commerce store with ShippingEasy shipping orders have become a breeze. Their fully integrated application works great! What we like most, it saves us time & money. Customer service is always friendly & willing to help us solve any issue we might run into. What more could we ask for! A+ all around from your friends at” -Brett at


Kai Scissors

“I had an issue with how to do something with ShippingEasy, I popped onto the chat support section, and WOW, fixed me up in 30 seconds. Super support, super product.” -Jeff at Kai Scissors


Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles

“We <3 ShippingEasy! Aside from the great savings, the customer service is the best. We couldn’t do what we do – as well as we do it – without them :)” -The team at Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles 


SportsFuel Inc.

“Being able to chat with customer service immediately helps so much if you have any questions. They are very friendly and won’t stop until you have all your answers.” -Bryan at SportsFuel Inc.

big_island_test (1)

Big Island Coffee Roasters

“ShippingEasy has been a great asset for Big Island Coffee Roasters. Being a small farm, we rely on efficiency (because, let’s be honest, farming’s not meant to be efficient). Using ShippingEasy has saved us postage fees + time in hunting around for the best rates available. So we’re happy to continue growing together! Mahalo and cheers from the farm!” -Kelleigh from Big Island Coffee Roasters



“CakeSafe’s business has grown exponentially over the years and we can’t imagine shipping without Shipping Easy. Our products are so unique; the packages that we send vary from small envelopes to huge 30″ x 30″ boxes that include our largest Cake Transportation Boxes. With only a few clicks of a mouse our shipping labels are ready to go! We have hundreds of products with weights and sizes that run the gamut, but with the Shipping Easy Rules we no longer have to pick and choose all the options for each order. Shipping Easy knows exactly the size of the box, the weight, and the shipping carrier for every order. CakeSafe loves Shipping Easy!” – Dani at CakeSafe

Reviv Serums Review of ShippingEasy

Reviv Serums

“Just a brilliant app, and it saves us so much time, effort and consternation. It even auto-generates the right international customs forms, and lets us easily customize them on the fly (USPS Priority Mail International). A no-brainer.” –Vance at Reviv Serums

A-Maze-N Products Review of ShippingEasy

A-MAZE-N Products

“I was previously with another service, and had nothing but issue after issue. Their servers crashed on the busiest shipping day of the year! I swore never to use them again, and started looking at some other options. I found ShippingEasy and haven’t regretted it for a single minute!!

You get talk to real people when you call in to customer service. You don’t have to wait 24 hours for an answer, so you’re up and running again quickly. Great Company to deal with and I HIGHLY recommend their services!!” – Todd at A-MAZE-N Products

Dog Collar Fancy's Review of ShippingEasy

Dog Collar Fancy

“I used to use USPS, and since like so many other websites, we couldn’t print paid labels and have our site updated at the same time, we had to copy and paste each tracking number to each customer one by one. ShippingEasy has taken the frustration out of our day to day operations. Customer orders are listed in ShippingEasy. Print labels (USPS, UPS, FedEx. Even first class!) and customers automatically get notified that their order has shipped, along with the tracking number. Your storefront is automatically updated with the information also! You can also print packing slips. ShippingEasy – The perfect name for an easy to use program for all of your shipping needs. Thank you ShippingEasy! We are thrilled with your service!” – Dawn at Dog Collar Fancy


Strong Side Tactical

”ShippingEasy was the perfect solution for our online business. The service eliminates steps, is easy to use and integrates perfectly with BigCommerce which makes it easy to stay on top of what needs to be fulfilled and what has already been fulfilled. ShippingEasy has fantastic customer service and is always available if I have a question or an issue that needs to be resolved.”  –Lewis at Strong Side Tactical


Rainbow Turtle

“I just wanted to let shipping easy know how happy I am. We had been using for the last 10 years and I was very used to it and was a bit hesitant to change to a new system. But I decided to give it a go and WOW! was I ever surprised. It is so much faster, easier to use, less expensive and I don’t have to have so many programs on my computer that just tends to slow it down. I would also like to mention that I stopped shipping international shipments because of the hassle but I have added back international shipping to our Volusion website because with shipping easy it has taken the hassle out and in no time I can create labels for international shipments. Thanks shipping easy for your great product and wonderful support team.” –Rainbow at Rainbow Turtle

Silk Baron etsy shipping

Silk Baron

“Wasted hours.  Slow-as-molasses load times.  Having to ship packages one-at-a-time.  This is how life was for me and my small business…until I was cold-called by a Shipping Easy sales rep six months ago.  While I am naturally skeptical of sales calls, my shipping situation was so inefficient and miserable that I decided to roll the dice and give it a try…

IMMEDIATELY I began to see extraordinary results!  Quick and painless integration with my Ebay, Etsy, and Volusion stores, the ability to ship multiple packages simultaneously with far fewer clicks, and VASTLY improved turnaround times!  No more feelings of being overwhelmed by so many packages to get out the door each day!  Meanwhile, the built-in USPS shipping discounts that come with a ShippingEasy account actually offset the software’s minimal monthly fee, in effect, making it FREE!  And on top of that, a super-friendly and extremely knowledgable and responsive support staff is always there to help me if I have any questions!

Look, ShippingEasy is THE key software component of my business, and I would not recommend it if I weren’t passionate about how simple and helpful it has made my life…..It is easily one of the BEST business decisions I’ve made in our 11-year history!” – Andrew at Silk Baron


The Dog Perk

“We implemented Shipping Easy for our online dog bandana business and are THRILLED with the performance of the service!  We save hours and hours of work each day!  We had tried other online shipping services that claimed to be easy but they were horrible, complicated and we could never even figure out how to set them up, much less use them.  I had just about given up on my dream of a truly EASY, simple, intuitive product…when I found Shipping Easy!!!  It was easy to set up, and works seamlessly with both our Shopify Store and our Amazon Store. .  No more entering addresses into USPS online…endlessly!  It is truly the most FANTASTIC improvement in our shipping process and is even EASIER than I would have imagined it ever could be.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that we save money on Express Shipping by using Shipping Easy!  And when I have questions, I can get in touch with customer service straight away.” -Amy at The Dog Perk


Vape Dojo

“ShippingEasy is a trusted member of our team. ShippingEasy easily saves us the cost of one full-time employee and drastically reduces shipping errors. They provide great support when we need it, which isn’t often, and they listen and respond to feedback. Thanks for a great product and service!” –Bryan at Vape Dojo

Kemaily Boutique Shipping

Kemaily Boutique

“We LOVE ShippingEasy! It has made shipping so much easier and less of a headache/chore! Your website blows out of the water.  Well worth it and we will be sticking with you.” –Megan at Kemaily Boutique


White Elm Boutique

“ShippingEasy has cut down on the time I spend preparing shipments. It automatically imports my sales from my eBay and Etsy stores, and I can import a .CSV for daily deals. Any other sales I have are super easy to input manually using the “paste and parse” feature. I’m able to save my preferences to make it go fast, which allows me to spend more time with my family and less time working!” –Laura at White Elm Boutique


Syrup Supply

“ShippingEasy has helped our business substantially since we began using it. Having all of our orders and shipping history in one site allows us to save time and get more work done. We sell across three different websites and ShippingEasy syncs with every one of them from receiving orders to sending the tracking numbers out and marking orders as shipped on the corresponding site. We use to buy shipping for each order separately then update the tracking number on the correct site, one by one! It would take us an hour or two! With ShippingEasy, we are able do all orders at once, including updating tracking numbers, in just a few minutes! I don’t know how we managed without ShippingEasy before. ShippingEasy has been a real time and money saver!” –Melissa at Syrup Supply



ShippingEasy is amazing!!! I’ve used OrderCup before and ShippingEasy is by far a much more superior product. It helps my company to save so much time processing online orders. I’m constantly impressed by their extremely responsive customer support and the level of detailed product knowledge of every representative I’ve ever dealt with there (via phone and chat). And they are constantly making updates based on customer feedback. This is a great solution and company!!!” – Sandy at Leckerlee


Medical Care Alert

“Shipping Easy has made our process far easier and is definitely saving us time and money. Prior to switching to Shipping Easy, we had tried OrderCup, and USPS Click N Ship – all were cumbersome and offered zero customer support. The team at Shipping easy has been really helpful, returns calls and emails quickly, and is open to suggestions about product and process improvements. We are definitely paying less for postage and shipping since moving over to Shipping Easy. The integration with Volusion is far superior to any other shipping platform we have tested. We had good over the phone training with screen sharing that made it really easy to learn, and got us up and running quickly. Your competitors don’t do this – they leave you to figure it out on your own. Our clients who order a lifesaving system at expect their addresses and shipments to be exactly right every time. We have very high standards and are very demanding…and are happy to endorse Shipping Easy.” – Bryan at Medical Care Alert


Nature’s Happiness

“ShippingEasy has helped us exceptionally well with our shipping fulfillment especially as our sales have increased, saving us time and money with the discounted shipping rates. Our account is seamlessly integrated with our website and multiple online marketplaces, cutting the time spent on processing shipments down by more than half. Allowing us much more time to spend catering to our own customers as they do for us. The customer service that we receive is outstanding and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, answering our questions in a matter of moments. Running an online store can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but ShippingEasy compares shipping providers and rates to make sure that we are always receiving the right kind of shipment at the lowest price possible. ShippingEasy also makes it incredibly simple to find and track orders, refund shipments, and even create customer return labels!” – Tricia at Nature’s Happiness


The Country Marketplace

“I tried several other online shipping services before happening upon Shipping Easy. I have to say that they are by far the most user friendly service that I have tried. They import all of my Etsy orders and all I do is print the label with the carrier I choose. They even update the order status in Etsy and send the customer an email notification once an order ships.  I absolutely love the service and look forward to growing my business with Shipping Easy. Thank You!!” –AJ at The Country Marketplace


Karma Kiss

“We are selling on Amazon as well as on our website,, and have been working with for about 3 years. While is indeed a great option for very small businesses and individuals, we were looking for a more robust solution that will be cloud based and super-easy to use. We are happy to say that we found it. Shipping Easy provides us with a simple, yet robust, solution that so far exceeded all of our expectations. Add to that their AMAZING and personal customer service and you will get a winning formula that can help us grow without any major logistics issues.  Kudos!” –Guy at KarmaKiss


Unfinished Wood Co.

“When our company began to sell at high volumes on deal sites, it became clear that the shipping method we were using would not be effective. It was taking countless hours and more manpower than we had to fulfill our orders efficiently. Luckily, Shippingeasy contacted us for a trial run. We decided to give it a try and have been very happy ever since. We are able to create and print our labels quickly and it is simple to upload tracking numbers and keep track of our shipping history. Their customer service and desire to constantly improve their product make Shippingeasy a true time-saver.” –Anne at Unfinished Wood Co.


“Shipping easy has made more efficient with packing orders. It integrates with our Volusion store and makes life so much easier. We were using and this by far is better. The customer support and training was out of this world. I would recommend shipping easy to any e-commerce business!!” -John at


All Inspired Boutique

“We have found ShippingEasy to be extremely efficient at calculating and paying for postage and creating shipping labels.  The shipping information automatically syncs with our Volusion store, so with most of our shipments, we are able to pay the postage and create a label in a matter of seconds.  We are very happy to have found ShippingEasy!” – Walt at All Inspired Boutique


Diamond Essence

“Shipping easy has simplified the way Diamond Essence manages shipping and logistics. It truly has lived up to the name “shipping easy”! Our costs have reduced significantly and we are able to offer free Shipping options to a larger group of customers. The entire shipping process has become faster due to the batch processing and label combination abilities. We have also seen a sustained savings on stationary costs!  Our customers are happy with the return label processing. Consistent efforts by shipping easy team to improve their system has helped us leverage our business resources and utilize it most efficiently.  Refunds and Label cancellation process is now very easy compared to other solutions earlier and as a result our errors and wastage is minimal!” – Monali at Diamond Essence