Shipping Unboxed: FAQs about Tracking Shipments

By Maria Fagerland
Jul 22, 2022

Welcome back! So far, we’ve discussed the likes of USPS, returns, and shipment dimensions in our Shipping Unboxed series. Now, we’re back to talk about all things tracking, including how to track your packages and everything you need to know about confirmation emails. As always, we’ve included other blogs, articles from our Knowledge Base, and carrier sites directly, so you have all your resources together. 

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How do I track USPS packages?

We’ve got you! Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Package Service, and Media Mail (packages only) all offer tracking for your shipments. To track these services, you can either type in your tracking number on USPS’s tracking website, or if you received a shipment confirmation email, you should be able to click the tracking number itself to follow your shipment’s progress. 

Learn more about Priority Mail in our blog – USPS Priority Mail: A Full Breakdown 

How do I track my UPS One Balance packages?

Similarly to USPS, you can enter your tracking number on UPS’s website or click the link in your shipment confirmation email to follow your package’s journey. 

Check out more about UPS One Balance in Shipping Unboxed: FAQs about UPS and UPS One Balance!

How do I track FedEx packages?

We’re sorry for the deja vu, but the same thing for USPS and UPS goes for FedEx! You can either enter your number on FedEx’s website or click the link in your shipment confirmation email. 

How do I track GlobalPost Standard shipments?

We swear this is the last time! To track GlobalPost shipments, you’ll either enter your GlobalPost Standard tracking number on their website or click the tracking number in your delivery confirmation email. 

For more about GlobalPost, check out our blog

Does ShippingEasy send my customers confirmation emails?

Your customers will receive these emails if: 

  • Your store supports these emails (We’ll give you a list of the stores/marketplaces that don’t support these emails in our next section)
  • Your store settings have confirmation emails enabled 
  • Your customer gave their email address with their order 
  • Your order isn’t a drop ship order – In this case, we’ll send an email when the order is downloaded, but we won’t send one when the order is shipped or delivered. 

Are there some stores/marketplaces that aren’t eligible for confirmation emails?

Unfortunately, yes. Amazon, Jane, Reverb, Wish, and Paypal currently don’t allow us to send those notification emails. However, Amazon will send a shipment confirmation email for you once your order has been updated to shipped. 

Can I create my own confirmation emails?

Yes! The same limitations apply as with the default confirmation email we send, but we do give you the option to build custom email templates. You can even send yourself a test email to see what your customers will receive. 

Can I resend a confirmation email?

If you go to your Shipment History and select your order, you can select to either resend the confirmation email to your customer or yourself. 

What is Branded Tracking?

Great question! Branded Tracking, or Branded Notifications, are confirmation emails where you can include your brand’s logo, color scheme, and voice. These emails can be sent for domestic and international USPS, UPS, and FedEx shipments, with the exception of USPS First-Class Large Flat/Envelopes. These emails really make your brand stand out from other small businesses. 👀

Two things to note: 

  • Like confirmation emails, these emails can’t be used with Amazon, Jane, Reverb, Wish, or PayPal. 
  • Also, if you use our Customer Marketing feature, these emails will override any existing order campaigns. 

If you need help enabling your Branded Tracking, reach out to our award-winning Support team. 

Do you want to establish your brand? Learn how in our Shipping 301 blog. 

Can my customers receive tracking text messages with Branded Tracking?

For domestic shipments, yes. You just need to let your customers know that they’ll need to opt into SMS Branded Tracking messages for each shipment. 

Do carriers reuse tracking numbers?

They do! For the most up-to-date information and processes for reusing tracking numbers, we recommend reaching out to your carrier directly. 

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