Do I Sell Products That Do Well Internationally?


Every government has its own rules regarding products it will let into—or out of—the country. For example, you can’t export certain weapons from the US; and Canada will not allow importation of e-Cigarettes.

Are my products legal to sell internationally?

Before you decide to make your product catalog available to international markets, check with US Customs to ensure the products you want to export are not subject to any restrictions.

Then, check on import restrictions imposed by potential target countries using this handy tool provided by UPS®.

What should I sell internationally?


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Once you’re sure it’s legal, take a look at product demand.

You can start with product categories; the graphs provided here show how global shoppers split their purchases across major categories according to a PFSweb study, as well as the domestic vs international shipment breakdown for the top 20 global shipping SMB sellers who use ShippingEasy.

As you can see, Clothing and Accessories, Toys, Electronics (including Hardware and Software) and Cosmetics are consistently strong international performers.

International Trade Categories

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