Preparing for International Shipping: Shipping Platform


Preparing for international shipping

International Shipping: Choosing the best shipping platform

Selling products on a platform that supports the processing of international orders is one thing. After that, you need to ship them! Make sure your shipping platform supports your international shipping requirements.

Your shipping platform should offer support for:

  • Generating required shipping labels and customs documents for each carrier
  • Automatically populating customs form details including content type, country of manufacture, harmonized code, description, signature, and ship date. The platform should allow you to override these details on a per-order basis in case something changes last minute.
  • Managing your products through a Product Catalog in order to set the declared value, harmonized code, and country of manufacture for any product you intend to sell internationally.
  • Integrating to your carriers and rates which flags weights and dimensions that do not meet the carrier restrictions on a country-by-country basis.
  • Automatic calculation of the postage cost based on the weight, carrier service, package dimensions, and destination of the order.
  • Additional insurance coverage to protect your orders to the full value of any potential loss.
  • Analytics and reporting to isolate international trends, margins and country-specific sales.

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