OneSaas Shipping App - ShippingEasy

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Print shipping labels for incoming orders for your ePages ecommerce store through ShippingEasy and OneSaas

Sync orders from ePages to ShippingEasy

Make creating shipping labels a breeze. Each time an order is placed on your ePages store, the order will be created in ShippingEasy.

Save Time & Money

  • Orders automatically added to ShippingEasy
  • No more manually entering orders in ShippingEasy
  • Allows you to focus on more productive things

Happier Customers

  • Create labels and dispatch orders quicker
  • Faster delivery = Happy customers

No More Shipping Errors

  • Eliminate human data entry errors
  • Never have orders sent to the wrong address

Our customers say it best

“Incredibly easy to ship packages. Custom rules make it so that once orders are received, they can automatically be processed based on settings you’ve made. So if one of your items is always shipping Priority, you can make it so a label is auto-printed that exact moment with a Priority label and correct weight/address info. The customer support is superb, and the main reason I switched from ShipStation. ShipStation support took forever – it would usually take about 10 minutes before I could get a hold of anyone. There’s always someone ready to talk to me on ShippingEasy, and they go above and beyond.” – Allen at SpyGuy Security


“We have a Magento based website as well that we sell our products on.  Integrating Shipping Easy to our Magento site was FREE and the awesome customer service at ShippingEasy walked me through the entire process.   My favorite feature of Shipping Easy on my Magento store is that I can ship via USPS or UPS.  I love this feature!  After I ship all tracking information is imported back into my Magento store and the orders are marked as complete and the the customer is automatically emailed their tracking information.  I  love it!!” – Janae at Thoughts in Vinyl



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