WooCommerce: Print Shipping Label with ShippingEasy

WooCommerce Shipping Labels

WooCommerce integrates directly with ShippingEasy, auto-downloading all order details and syncing back tracking numbers and status updates. Print discounted shipping labels for WooCommerce, in seconds. Automate your shipping through mapping or assign shipping preferences in real-time. Powerful features, tools and settings that make shipping easy. No wonder 97% of our customers would recommend us.

Features of our shipping solution WooCommerce users love:


One app. One plug-in. No extra add-ons, we built everything you need and included it.


Finally, access to competitive USPS rates – in fact, the cheapest around.

PURPOSE BUILT shipping for WooCommerce

Shipping Automation allows you to map WooCommerce order status, customer shipping preferences and more.


Shipping for WooCommerce but sending less than 50 packages a month? Our truly FREE plan offers the same great app.


Friendly, helpful, available service team in Austin, TX. Phone, email, chat + extended hours.

PRINTING YOUR WAY: 1 by 1 or batch

1 click printing for a single label on the fly, OR group similar orders as a batch and print 100+ labels in a snap.


Endless integrations to auto-download orders from wherever you sell, including eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Newegg.


Real time rates, labels and pick up requests from all major carriers: USPSUPSFedEx and DHL Global (coming soon).


Charts, graphs and easy to download reports covering shipping costs, carriers, destinations and trends.

Our customers say it best

“I love ShippingEasy. I move a lot of product on a monthly basis and I found myself spending way too many hours ‘trying’ to get tracking numbers, fulfill orders etc. Time is money! It wasn’t until they found me that I jumped right on board. It was a no brainer how simplified it is. I can honestly say I LOVE shipping now when in the past I dreaded it. I highly suggest ShippingEasy!” – Amanda at  Urbanstitched.com


“I highly recommend ShippingEasy to anyone who wants to make their fulfillment process faster and easier. The system has made my life a lot easier while also saving me money on shipping costs. Anytime that I have had any issues or questions their customer support has gone above and beyond my expectations to make sure that I was taken care of. Knowing that someone is there to help makes me feel much more comfortable and secure as a retailer.” – Brandon at Hyperion Academy


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