Case Study:

MariGold Foods

A creator of gourmet, gluten-free protein bars, MariGold Foods saw an immediate cost savings after switching to ShippingEasy.

Customer Highlights

What do you love most about ShippingEasy?

"The rates! We were paying full USPS commercial rates. There was an immediate cost savings when switching to ShippingEasy since we now get Commercial Plus Pricing – USPS’s lowest rate reserved for very large shippers.

ShippingEasy’s live chat support is invaluable as well. Unlike some products where the customer service through chat is there just as a buffer, ShippingEasy’s chat personnel really know their stuff. There are many times when they’ve saved the day, helping us get past a snag to get our orders out on time. When we switched to a new shopping cart during the busiest online shopping time of the year, we had to reach out to the more senior level of customer support. They helped us through some initial integration issues with WooCommerce and even implemented a custom fix.

We sell on Amazon as well as our own website. ShippingEasy makes it easy to get a clear view of the day’s orders, all in one place. Also, it’s nice that we have the ability to combine and split orders."

What shipping solution did you use before ShippingEasy?

"We were manually processing orders using With our rapid growth, it was becoming impossible to enter all the order info manually, then go back in to our store and update the orders with the shipment info. There was zero customer support at USPS and the platform was antiquated. We needed to start using UPS as well, and wanted one platform that could handle multiple carriers. We needed the ease of use and speed!

We were actively looking for a shipping solution to keep up with our growth. I looked at several other solutions, and opened an Endicia account. After we saw ShippingEasy had a 30 day free trial, we decided to give it a try. The promise of great customer support was extremely important to me.

We definitely had our reservations when starting with ShippingEasy. What would I do if it didn’t work, or suddenly decided to stop working on a busy shipping day? I’m happy to say that ShippingEasy has never let me down in the 2 years I’ve been with them."

What is your favorite ShippingEasy feature?

"The store updates and tracking are almost immediate between ShippingEasy and WooCommerce. When a shipping label is cancelled and reissued, ShippingEasy sends back the corrected info, eliminating the need for manual corrections.

We’ve only recently begun using the ShippingEasy reporting and extract features. This is enabling us to easily extract all our orders from across platforms in one, concise file. It’s extremely helpful for cost accounting. They are continuously improving and adding robust features to the app. I’m looking forward to more reporting and customer management features from ShippingEasy in the future. I can’t imagine running our small, but rapidly growing mail-order business without it!"

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