Multichannel order fulfillment and drop shipping automation with ShippingEasy and Crux.

ShippingEasy's integration with Crux gives you access to robust shipping automation, the best available rates, and multichannel order processing. Easily send tracking information to your stores and customers. Manage email marketing campaigns, all in one platform.

Online sellers get more with ShippingEasy and Crux

  • Orders from wherever you sell, all in one place

    Automatically import orders from all your sales channels. Add automation and rules to prioritize and process your way. Batch print labels and send tracking information back to your stores, marketplaces, and customers.
  • The best available shipping rates

    Access USPS Commercial shipping rates, plus exclusive Flat Rate Green cubic rates to save even more on smaller, heavier packages.
  • Email marketing made easy

    Simple drag-and-drop email builder makes creating beautiful emails a snap. Create one-time or automated email campaigns, like welcome emails, review requests emails, and lapsed customer win-back campaigns.

"Shipping is faster, easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Now that we have integrated dropship orders into our shipping platform, we save an incredible amount of time every day. Add that up over weeks, months and years...and that equals savings we wouldn't want to do without."

Gnarly Nutrition Shipping Team

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