Multichannel order fulfillment, shipping automation, plus order status updates all within the integration with ShippingEasy.

Easily connect ShippingEasy with Tophatter to access robust shipping automation, the best available rates, and multichannel order processing. Get personalized help setting up and continued, award-winning support.

Tophatter sellers stay organized with ShippingEasy

  • Order fulfillment automation that saves you time

    Automatically import orders from Tophatter with detailed order information. Add automation and rules to prioritize and process your way. Batch print labels and send tracking information back to Tophatter.
  • The best available shipping rates

    Access USPS Commercial shipping rates, plus exclusive Flat Rate Green cubic rates to save even more.
  • Multi-carrier solution for your business

    Integrate all of your shipping carriers to make rate shopping and printing labels simple. All major carriers are supported including international consolidators.
  • Robust reporting for all things shipping

    Keep an eye on reporting metrics like postage costs, carrier trends, and shipping margin all from your own dashboard. Customize and automate what information you receive and when with scheduled report email sends to you and your team.
  • Award-winning customer support

    Get the help you need how you need it. Our award-winning support team is available via email, phone, and in-app chat to help you make the most of ShippingEasy.
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