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Shipping for Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce integrates directly with ShippingEasy to help multi-channel sellers ship as efficiently as they list. List thousands of items to online channels automatically, dynamically price while synchronizing your inventory stock levels. Then, ship your increased order volume with heavily discounted USPS rates on ShippingEasy. Tracking #s and status updates are posted back to Solid Commerce in real time. Finally – selling made easy, shipping made easy.

Solid Commerce Users Love our Shipping App:

GET SYNCED and stay organized

  • Automatically sync orders + item description, weight and warehouse location
  • Consolidate shipping info like tracking number, shipment service and cost in Solid Commerce


  • Access to the best USPS rates, usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies
  • No volume commitment, no annual audit
  • Commercial Base and Commercial Plus Pricing: save up to 46%
  • Endicia account FREE in every plan, or bring your own

FAST and in real time

  • Synchronize Solid Commerce account in real-time
  • When an item is purchased on any of your marketplaces, it is immediately pulled in to ShippingEasy
  • Advanced features like Batch processing make shipping fast


  • Access ShippingEasy from any computer or device and at any time for easy address tweaks or quick reporting checks
  • No updating: no program to install, no downloads, keep moving
  • No bulky programs slowing down your computer


  • USPS,  UPS and FedEx integration plus DHL Global (coming soon)
  • USPS: immediate access to CPP rates
  • UPS & FedEx: plug in your account number and access your rates
  • Find the cheapest option using Compare Rates tool which seeks the best price in real-time


  • Phone, email, chat, whatever your preference we have it
  • Team located right here in sunny Austin, TX and available all day
  • No question is too big or too small: we always seek out the right answer
  • Don’t just take it from us! Read our reviews.


  • Whatever your printing process, we offer it
  • Print Customs Form to one printer and Labels to another
  • One by One or Batch Processing
  • Laser, thermal, two labels per page, we’re easy!


  • Break down postage costs by carrier
  • Or evaluate costs by service, package or destination
  • Quick Orders Dashboard and Reporting Dashboard for easy evaluation
  • Find the answers with ease


  • Shipping Rules let you map carriers, categories and more based on IF/THEN statements
  • Compare Rates: our program offers even cheaper shipping options
  • Auto-populate customs forms
  • 1-click returns