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e-commerce email marketing mistakes to avoid

E-commerce Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Connecting with your target audience and potential customers is important. That’s why email marketing is still one of the top channels to gain traction. Having an effective email marketing strategy […]

The Power of Trigger-Based Email Campaigns

Have you ever shopped online and then got distracted, forgetting about items you added to your cart? If so, you likely received a follow-up email from the e-commerce vendor prompting […]

email list cleaning tips

Spring Email List Cleaning Tips

Spring isn’t just the perfect time to clean your house after a long winter—it’s also a great time for a thorough email list cleaning. If you use email marketing to […]

shipping liquids with USPS FedEx UPS

Shipping Liquids: Rules to Know for USPS, UPS, and FedEx

Many online sellers, particularly those starting out, may not be fully aware of the rules each carrier has when it comes to shipping liquids. Since shipping rates and guidelines are […]

shipping best practices

Shipping Best Practices to Adopt This Year

The world of e-commerce can often be fast-paced and chaotic. If you don’t have the right elements in place, you can quickly find yourself falling behind, which can lead to […]

Reputation Management matters more than ever

Feedback Management – Why it Matters More Than Ever

How highly do you consider the importance of feedback management in e-commerce? Is it an afterthought or near the top of your list? Would it change your perception if we […]

Optimize Amazon Shipping

Ways to Optimize Amazon Shipping

Everyone knows that Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces on the planet. It’s smart business to put your products in front of the hundreds of millions of shoppers that […]

Get to know the latest ShippingEasy updates!

Get to know the latest ShippingEasy updates!

Did you know that we make updates (both minor and major) to our platform every week? Check out this wrap-up of our most recent releases and product updates to stay […]

Improve email marketing strategy by getting to know customers

Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy By Getting to Know Your Customers

Most unofficial holidays are simply fun and silly, and it seems like there is one almost every day and week of the year. But “Get to Know Your Customers Day” […]

comparing shipping rates

Comparing E-commerce Shipping Rates: 3 Scenarios

Now that everyone has had the chance to experience the 2020 shipping rates, one thing that’s evident is that it’s more important than ever to compare e-commerce shipping services. Whether […]